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My symptoms are ruining my life, please help me figure this out...

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  • Posted By: Misformontage
  • June 14, 2010
  • 10:06 AM

Here's pretty much everything you need to know.*

In late November I was at work when I suddenly realized that my toes were almost completely numb. It wasn't through and through though, it felt like my skin and most of my nerves just turned off. I can't feel touch on my toes but I can feel excess pressure and pain. It's just a general numbness.
Not long after that, only a few hours, my vision completely failed me. Everything became completely blurry and I had to blink a long time to make them focus again. My left eye seemed normal but my right wasn't the same, still blurry and unusual. Later that night I suddenly realized my right ring finger and right pinky finger were numb just like my toes.
So I went to the doctor and they sent me to the hospital where they took all sorts of blood tests and scans to test me for MS. They didn't find a single thing.
They released me in late December and all was the same until mid January.*
I started getting more headaches that were way worse then usual and it's almost always a full head headache sometimes it's the right side only.*
I starte gettig weak, nausious and unbelievably dizzy when I would stand in one place an focus on something for more then a second or two. If I stand and do my makeup or work on a project at work while standing, I focus on something, barely, and the world just beyond my focus will warp, spin, and colors bleed.
Then it started when I was driving. Most of the time it feels like I'm not moving at all but the world is going really fast around me. If it's bad though I feel like I'm moving and then the world is spinning and warping and I get nausius and dizzy.
Around December I started having an issue with my throat, sometimes if I'm eating or drinking or just swallowing to clear my throat, my throat will clench up. I won't be able to breathe for a few moments, I've choaked on food, and sometimes couldn't move liquids out of my throat or breathe and would end up vomiting.
Most of the time I feel nausious, achy, sore, and tired for no reason.

Some other information about me, that might help out anyone that could figure this out.
I'm a 20 year old female.
I'm allergic to normal outdoor stuff, I'm allergic to onions, I was diagnosed bi-polar and have horrible anxiety.*
I had my toncils *and adnoids out in Feb. of 2001.
I had my completely non-functioning galbladder taken out in Dec. of 2007. This is after months of being sick and weak and sometimes throwing up from all of that.

That's all my info please someone if you could help me figure this out I'd be so greatful. I believe my family thinks I'm faking it at this point but I just want my life back. I hate how this is effecting me.*

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  • check ur vitamin b-12 levels .. cos b12 deficiency explains most of ur symptoms .. n do u do drugs ? m a medico , be frank n help me find out wats wrong with u ..
    arjun4mb 80 Replies Flag this Response
  • You need to be checked for epilepsy. The symptons you listed could be small seizures that lead up to a grand mal seizure. Please talk to a neurologist soon.
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  • I do not do drugs. I take medication for anxiety and allergies.
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  • I agree with the poster above me - get your b12 levels checked. Don't listen to the doctor if they say you are within the range - get the actual number and check it out for yourself. People still get symptoms and suffer damage when they are in the lower end of the range - but most doctors don't seem to be aware of this. There's a thread about gall bladder removal and b12 deficiency which might be of interest:http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=44171 I would get your b12 levels tested very quick - because if it is this - treatment needs to be prompt to prevent irreversible damage.
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  • PLS get ur vit B 12 levels soon n let me know d results .. so tat i can think of something else before it gets too serious
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