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My six year old has something wrong

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  • Posted By: kslkgor
  • March 29, 2009
  • 04:36 AM

My six year old son has had something wrong with him for a while. When he was born he had a spot open in the top of his head. The bone was not open. The opening was only in the skin. The dr.'s did not know why it was like that nor had they ever seen anything like it. NO other tests were done. When he was about 4 months old he began to have tremors. His pediatrician assured me that she did not think it had anything to do with his head issue. THey did some kind of test on him where they hooked these little wires all over his head for an hour. No results. NOthing was done. After that we noticed that he was slow with development. He didn't hold his head up, sit up, pick up things, crawl, walk, or talk on time. HIs pediatrician assured me that he was a late bloomer. When he began prek his teacher called me concerned that he was unable to hold his pencil firmly and the way he walked and ran also had her concerned. This time we were with a new pediatrician who sent us to a neurologist. THe neurologist said that he runs "with his arms" using his arms to swing his legs when he runs or walks. He also remarked about limited muscle tone in his hands. He did an MRI. He said that the MRI came back normal and that perhaps our son needed some Occupational therapy but that nothing was wrong. THat was last year. Last week, he went to an optometrist b/c we thought he had a lazy eye. The optometrist said that he did not have a lazy eye, but that it looked like he had had an attack of some kind of palsy and that it was affecting his left side. He asked my son to grip his hand. He then reported to us that he was definetly weaker on the left side and that he was referring us to a pediatric neurologist about 4 hours from where we live. My husband and I are at a loss for what to do? Has anyone heard of anything like this? Its like my sons symptoms are so mild no one will give us a diagnosis. Now it appears as if they are getting worse. Anyone with any ideas what it may be or what we should do please email me. Thanks

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  • ok, i know this might not sound like the answer you wanted, but just hear me out. it kinda sounds like his body is not accepting something in his environment. I know that sounds pretty vague, but what i mean is, ok- try this. hold your arm out straight and level with shoulders, hand flat and have someone push your arm down. it should be difficult for them to push down. now take something that you are allergic to or that you naturally dont like and put it in a bottle and hold it in one hand. with the other hand do as before and hold your arm out straight level with shoulders and have someone push down. it will be easier. this is because our body naturally weakens with things that are not good for us as individuals. we are all wire so differently. so try this test with your son if you like with some common foods he eats, meds he might take, or drinks he might have. this could HELP... but i still think there is more to this. i didn't understand exactly what you meant about his head when he was born. he didn't have a soft spot, instead the skin was torn? i don't know. but never heard of that either. i wouldn't know where to start relating that to the issues he has now. has he had all of his vaccinations? they can have some pretty severe pretty permanent side effects on the brain. also- is he a creative boy? does he sing and draw or paint? have any speech problems? do other children his age notice a difference in him or just the adults? also, were you on any medication or recieve any vaccines while pregnant? is he pigeon toed or is it just his arms that swing when he walks/runs? I can maybe help more if you could answer those for me! Thanks and I hope everything works out!!! I'll be prayin' and hopin' and wishin' for ya!
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