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My mum has psychosis

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  • Posted By: ClaudeB
  • July 9, 2007
  • 06:45 AM

Mum was first diagnosed by a local GP of mild depression, and was given anti-depressant medication. This done nothing at all besides making her show her problem rather than trying to hide it from family.

She has seen several physiatrists recently in which all agree that she has Psychosis.
Her medication to treat this problem is causing her to slowly overcome the Paranoia of Police and people watching her, however it seems that maybe the medication is causing other problems.

She first started her treatment for this problem with Zyprexa and was recently put onto Risperdal as she complained about serious pains to the head.

My posting to this forum is to see if anyone knows anything about being on the medication and if her pain is a common in the process of the treatment.

Doctors recently decided to swap her from Zyprexa to Risperdal, she said it feels like there is Sand in her head and also that it feels like her head is full of nails that is causing pain. Another side effect is her eye site.
She is constantly shaking her head and rubbing her skull complaining of a strange feeling and most of all blaming the medication for the cause.

I am worried that she will stop taking her medication due to these problems she has.

Does anyone know about this problem, having the feeling like there is sand in your head ?

Will this go away ?

Any suggestions ?

For anyone dealing with psychosis be strong .. my thoughts are with you !


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  • The meds are really strong and there can be a variety of side effects. Hopefully, your mum will go in and talk with the doctors and tell them she cannot tolerate her medicine. There are as many meds as candy in the candy store to choose from, so I hope she finds one for your sake. You need someone strong in your life to turn to, so I hope you have a teacher or someone to talk with. Have her look into Bach Flowers for a natural treatment to supplement her meds. There are dozens of different flowers and they are like God's light that enters the soul, providing calming to troubled waters. She would put several drops in a glass of water and sip on it throughout the day...painless for your dear mum.
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  • Why was she diagnosed with mild depression in the first place? Was she just feeling tired? In any event, if it was mild depression, it is highly questionable whether she should have been prescribed antidepressants.Antidepressants can have all sorts of terrible side effects. Just Google the antidepressant name and you will see what I mean. Maybe I am wrong, but it sounds like taking these might have actually started her problems. If so, treating these problems with further medication will go nowhere. I think that Risperdal can cause diabetes and this is something that needs to be checked with regard to her eyesight.That doesn't answer your question. I think she well might need to see a general practitioner who is interested in helping, rather than carry on seeing these psychiatrists who will no doubt be keen to treat her psychosis (which it probably is currently) as opposed to finding the reason why it has occurred. I wish you good luck.
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  • Hi Claude,I know this is an old thread, but this is the only case so far that I found similar to my grandma's. She's almost 80 years old, and has suffered some depression since loosing her son (my uncle) in a freak accident 3 years ago. Since then, she's been complaining that she's got sands in her head, and she keep scratching or shaking her head and combing her hair and insist on showing us the "sand" in her hand, where there's actually nothing.We brought her to see some doctor that gave her some additional meds, though the situation has yet to improve until now. Desperate for answers, I tried to search on the internet and I was astonished to read your mum's case. Question is, how's your mum now and has she found the cure yet? mind sharing with us on what steps did you take afterwards and is she still having the sand in head imagination?Thanks and I'd really appreciate anyone's reply. :) Rgds,Henry
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