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My mum has gone undiagnosed for years

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  • Posted By: AnnElise
  • March 29, 2008
  • 05:55 PM

My mum is about 50 and she hasn't been completely well for years, but over the past two years her health has really gone downhill. Some of her symptoms are:

sporadic difficulty speaking (both from difficulty remembering the correct word and from stuttering which she never used to do)

pain when she eats

abdominal pain

infrequent bowel movements

seemingly incurable helicobacter

incredible hair loss

physical weakness

difficulty with balance

periods of physical numbness

periods of physical hypersensitivity

sporadic memory loss

sporadic confusion

thinning skin

periods of fluid retention and periods where she is extremely thin


for a while I think she was having seizers

She has been seen a number of doctors, all of whom claim to be at a loss. If anyone know of a medical condition that can cause some if not all of these symptoms, please please let me know.

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  • She may have had seizures or a stroke. Did you get her to a neurologist? I think part of her problem may also be glandular. Has her thyroid been checked and also diabetes?Does she smoke?
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  • Thank you both for responding. monsterlove: My mum had a parathyroid problem that was supposedly regulated with the help of vitamin D. She used to smoke but she quit about five years ago.About a year ago a scan was conducted of her brain as well as an ECG, but both were inconclusive. blaze: Much of the information from the websites on lyme disease pertains to my mother. We’ll definitely mention this condition to our GP who has never mentioned lyme disease before.
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  • For me I would look at the most likely first: two possibilities come to mind 1. Given you mother's age, very close to mine, I can guess lot of what she is experiencing can be attributed to menopause. Most all the symtpoms you mentioned can be found during the transitional period ...I am in the same boat right now and it is less scary and more likely than what one of the other posters mentioned. Please check out www.power-surge.com ....a non-commercial forum and web site for women going through menopause or perimenopause....there is a list of 34 symptoms of menopause....but believe me I have experience a few not on that list (LOL)....it is a really rough time and can begin when a women is in her mid to late thirties and at worst last ten year or more to go through the complet transistion...I myself am on 8th year. 2. Another possibility, especially common among women of this age (or any age) is thryoid problems. You said she had or has a parathyroid problem...red flag here...this is part of the endocrine system just as the ovarian horomones are and if she has both going on it can be quite a ride. Many women are in this boat. The symptoms you mentioned on her list can fit here very well as well and she actualy may have both going on. She probably needs to seriously follow up on this thyroid issue with a specialist - endocrinologist, and educate herself in a big way as well. For that, a great site is Mary Shomon's web site on thryoid issues. Great info and a forum to ask questions...ladies are great there. Check out these two possibilities and see if she may have a fit here, first. Joan
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