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My Mom Needs Desperate Help!

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  • Posted By: iluvchocolatte
  • June 5, 2007
  • 00:02 PM

Six years ago, my mom had a cold abcess, allegedly from TB, although the tests didn't prove the presence of TB. The puss was leaking from a fistula right above her left breast, imbedded in the muscle. She had 2 surgeries and underwent a long and very difficult treatment. She almost died. Although she doesn't have diabetes, her fistula never closed entirley.
She was fine for a almost 2 years. In September 2006, she was told she had a staph infection into her old wound/fistula. She was given 3 types of antibiotics, but never got better. After some tests, she was told yesterday that she has another cold abcess (at this point, she hasn't been tested for TB yet), this time located in a more difficulty area under her clavicula, and has to go under the knife, because she will not respond to any other drug treatment.
My mom suffered for a long time from bronchiectasis, and is living with one lung. Her respiratory capacity is reduced by 40%, and was told by doctors few years back that if she would have a recurrent cold abcess and would need surgery, she would probably not survive.
I live in Romania, and our medical resources are pretty limited. I am desperately seeking any kind of information that might help save my mom's life. Thank you for your help!

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  • Since no one else has replied, I'll make a suggestion. Perhaps someone else has a much better suggestion.Linus Pauling claimed he could cure any bacterial or viral disease with MASSIVE doses of Vitamin C - 50,000-200,000 milligrams/day in divided doses. Since Pauling was a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, I'm confident he knew what he was talking about. (This has very little to do with the common cold. Many or most people didn't remember what they needed to do when they felt a cold coming on, and the Vitamin C theory gradually bit the dust...)I doubt that many people have tried this approach since the amount of C is huge and the number of tablets to be consumed each day is also huge.Your mom could try taking 50,000 mg/day for a week. If that had no effect, increase the dosage. 50,000 mg would be 50 tablets of 1,000 mg.It's worth a try if you have no other options. Bowel tolerance (loose stools) may limit the intake.Marspyrs
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  • Vitamin C by Raymond Francis Vitamin C is perhaps the most miraculous molecule you can put into your body. Yet almost all Americans are deficient in vitamin C, and this is contributing significantly to our epidemic of chronic disease. This amazing vitamin is very special because it has the ability to donate or accept electrons easily, thereby facilitating the flow of electricity (electron flow) in the body. Electron flow controls and regulates the body’s functions by promoting cell-to-cell communications. Disease happens when electron flow is impaired; life ends when electron flow stops. Insufficient vitamin C will impair flow, and this is why vitamin C deficiency is a significant contributor to disease. It is also why adequate C will both prevent and reverse disease. When electron flow is optimized, health and vitality are optimized; adequate vitamin C is vital to health. The problem is this: most of us do not get enough C on a daily basis. To make matters worse, many vitamin C supplements are potentially harmful. Vitamin C’s many roles in the body are so basic to healthy function that it is almost a universal wonder drug. It is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer compound. No matter what ails you, adequate amounts of vitamin C will help. Many “incurable” conditions have been cured simply by providing sufficient vitamin C. According to Thomas Levy, M.D., author of Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, “vitamin C is the single most important nutrient” and vitamin C deficiency “will facilitate the development of nearly all chronic degenerative diseases.” Levy also proposes that vitamin C deficiency is the primary cause of most infectious diseases. Almost all infectious diseases can be both prevented and reversed by adequate amounts of vitamin C. Infections deplete vitamin C. This is why people who die of infections often die of complications caused by depleted vitamin C, such as internal bleeding. Levy writes, “Vitamin C is undoubtedly the ideal agent for treating any viral infection...prompt administration of very large doses of vitamin C can bring back heavily infected individuals from even comatose states, resulting in complete cures.” While modern medicine administers health-damaging antibiotics and vaccinations to protect us from infections, adequate amounts of vitamin C will safely prevent and reverse almost all infections. Toxicity is one of the two causes of disease. Vitamin C works to neutralize the effects of toxins. Toxins harm us by producing free radicals that damage DNA and body tissues and also by depleting vitamin C. By depleting vitamin C, the patient dies of vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C interacts with toxins to render them harmless and also helps repair damage done by toxins. Vitamin C is the treatment of choice for virtually any toxic problem, be it snakebite, spider bite, carbon monoxide poisoning, pesticide exposure, or heavy metal poisoning. Vitamin C may be the most important molecule we can put into our bodies to get well, stay well, and maintain optimal health. Regardless of diagnosis, vitamin C is so basic to human biochemistry that obtaining adequate amounts of vitamin C should be the foundation of any wellness strategy. The challenge is to make sure you are getting enough. Always take vitamin C on a daily basis, and always be sure to take enough. Dr. Levy recommends a minimum of 6000 mg of vitamin C per day. (How much are you taking?) Most adults will need more than 6000, perhaps 10,000 or 12,000. Anyone with a health problem would be wise to take an amount called “bowel tolerance.” To determine bowel tolerance, take vitamin C in divided doses throughout the day until excessive gas or loose stools are encountered. Reducing the dose to where this does not happen is bowel tolerance. In some people that might be 10,000 mg. In an acutely ill person, it might go as high as 100,000 mg or more. In acute situations involving serious infections or toxic exposures, it may not be possible to obtain sufficient vitamin C orally. In these cases, intravenous vitamin C is necessary. Problems such as AIDS, cancer, carbon monoxide poisoning, hepatitis, mushroom poisoning, polio, SARS, Lyme disease, or West Nile disease all require large doses of both oral and intravenous vitamin C. Intravenous doses as high as 50,000 to 100,000 mg per day may be necessary to address these problems. When taking large amounts of anything it is essential to make sure that what you are taking is very pure. Unfortunately, this means you cannot go out and just purchase vitamin C off the shelf at the health food store. Most vitamin C is made from corn. Corn is a major allergen, and for those who are allergic to corn, corn based vitamin C may stress the immune system. In addition, most vitamin C products are not manufactured and handled with sufficient care; they often contain too much oxidized vitamin C, which can be harmful. Products such as Ester C contain as much as 10 percent oxidized vitamin C—not a good choice. In addition, such products usually contain D-ascorbate, an irritant and biologically useless form of vitamin C. High quality vitamin C is 100% L-ascorbate, fully reduced and corn free. I take and recommend Beyond Health Vitamin C because it is the purest I have found. To reverse disease and to achieve optimal health, optimal amounts of vitamin C are essential. Raymond Francis is an M.I.T.-trained scientist, a registered nutrition consultant, author of Never Be Sick Again and Never Be Fat Again, host of the Beyond Health Show, Chairman of the The Project to End Disease and an internationally recognized leader in the field of optimal health maintenance. Beyond HealthÒ News Subscriptions: Call 800-250-3063 website: http//www.beyondhealth.com email: mail@beyondhealth.com Copyright 2004, Beyond Health***********Try to find a person who is a Certified Reiki practitioner.
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  • PLease, Please, Please, find out if your mom has been tested for MRSA, or even Possibly VRE. These are both highly anti-biotic resistant, only a few super anti-biotics will kill these mutated germs. Please make sure they test her for MRSA it takes three days for the results to come in. This MRSA thing is becoming a bit of an epidemic as it is also highly contagious. at any rate your mom's symptoms are very common, you start off with what you think is an average infected pimple, ingrown hair or insect bite. Then it doesn't go away after regular keflex, or debrising of the wound, sometimes these things will actually make the infection worse. I hope you find out good news, and your mom gets better.
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