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my husband is always tired

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  • Posted By: catgirl
  • August 26, 2007
  • 05:39 PM

For the last month or so my husband has been tired all the time. It has interfered with his work and at home he's always in the bed trying to sleep. Ones asleep I can't wake him easily. This is a problem when he's sepposed to pick me up and calling the house for an hour straight doesn't wake him. He feels sore all over and has no energy to try and improve his healt to maybe get more energy.

I have tried to get him to exersize but he feels to weak to stick to it. I believe he realy feels to tired becouse I can at times see him shaking when he gets up to take a bath to maybe feel better. We have seen a doctor and he has borderline high bloodpressure and we are working on a better diet for that.

I don't know if it's a symptom , cause, or result be he's also very moody and un happy. At one point I thought that his addiction (he has quit) to cough sirop was to blame but he honestly doesnt take that much or that often (before he quit it was ones a week approximatly 8 oz. ) Quiting that hasn't helped much considering he sais it gave him energy and made him feel better. Now I'm thinking maybe something was wrong before and he was self medicating. ( I know he realy quit couse he has never lied about that or anything else even though he's always known I didn't like it)

For the last month he's also been complaining about soreness of his testicles and we have seen a doctor about that but they did't "feel" anything and suggested he may have pulled a muscle. I think it may just have to do with the rest of his body being sore and that part is just joining in.

I almost feel like he's depressed. He feels like he doesn't contribute at work or at home and constantly asks me why I love him. (especialy now he's quiting his habbit, for which he turned in his credit carts and other currency to avoid being tempted). He also has some anger issues ( he always had those) he gets angry at silly things (I don't tell him that of course) but never at me, he's realy a sweet guy and that's why the anger out bursts never alarmed me. But now I wonder if it's part of his other issues.

I just want to know if he's realy just out of shape and all he needs is a good diet and exersize or if there maybe more going on here. But if that's all why don't I see people who are in worse shape dealing with the same issues?

P.S. his new diet isn't improving things for his moods. I'm I cutting out too much of things that make him happy?

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