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  • Posted By: monahan4357
  • May 18, 2008
  • 05:08 PM

I started with jaw pain a couple years ago. I am a young 51 now and cannot play tag with my grandaughter without pain in my jaw then in to my chest. Going up the stairs and bending and even eating all cause pain along with exertion of any type. I have asked for a chest x-ray and have asked for a brain scan as aneurysms run in the family but cannot get either. I was sent last year to the cardiologist and they ran all sorts of test that came out negative even though i nearly died on the stress test. I do walk every day too. Then I was sent to another hospital for the dye test in to the heart, this was a second type of dye test. It showed a blocked artery. They sent me in for a stent in Jan. While they were in there 2 more arteries were found that showed NOWHERE else. They were too risky to stent as they were right on the wall. My dad has this same set-up in him and by the way I have what is called family history of heart disease, my dad has 6 stents and has had 3 heart attacks. So now it is May and I STILL have this jaw pain. I have consulted with my MD trying to get some added tests done to track this down and she will not order anything. Friday the nurse called and has asked me to go back to my cardiologist which on our last visit is at a loss as well. Simply more meds to "see" if this will go away. The nitro helps. I had an upper endoscopy done and they found several ulcers and blamed that on the aspirin and the plavix. I thought perhaps a hiatal hernia but that did not show during this test. I can burp and get some relief sometimes. I have wicked headaches too.
I cannot stand being so young and not able to do what I want to do without this pain. My mom has angina too and fibromyalgia which I too have as my daughter does too and my mom has parkinsons as well along with osteoporosis and severe anemia which I too have. So much for the bad "genes" from both sides...
Anyway I was hoping that someone would see this and perhaps have some sort of answer for me on this jaw pain that radiates to the chest. Sometimes too I do get it at rest. I have been to the dentist for those wondering. I do not have continued jaw pain and I do not grit my teeth. This comes on when i exert myself or bend down or early in the AM after I take my meds. I can feel pain in my chest when I wake up.
I have thought too that my lungs may play a part as I am always hacking up stuff and I am not a smoker either nor do I drink.
I am thinking I need to see a new doc that can give me a new set of ideas. I try to think that it does not exist but then POW it is there and I really am not at all fond of it. My dad too has jaw pain from what my mom told me.
Sooooo Any ideas? I have a young daughter of 22 who heard something call corotid something that she thought that it might be.... causing neck and arm pain as well which I do experience. In the past several months I have not been able to crack my neck as I have always been able to in the past. weird.
hmmmmmm any ideas are welcome! thanks and God Bless us all

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  • I am not a doctor but I think that your jaw pain has to do with your heart condition and not the with the jaw itself. Jaw is sometimes even a sign of a heart attack. This type of pain is called referred pain and shows up in a strange place and not where the problem is. I'm soorry not to be able to help more. Good luck!
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  • Wow....are you saying the docs are saying this pain is not caused by your heart? If so, WOW.....find a new doc!I am not a physician either, but jaw pain (I'm assuming it's the left side?) is a classic sign of angina. This doesn't mean you need more stents, but it does sound like you need to get your meds adjusted. Getting relief from burping doesn't mean it's not cardiac, although that was the belief for a long time. Of course that also doesn't mean that the ulcers should be ruled out as the cause. Hiatal hernias are mostly asymptomatic, so even if it was there it wouldn't necessarily mean anything. If you have ulcers, as your doc to test you for h. pylori, a germ that is known to cause ulcers. The drugs often make things worse, but don't always cause the problem. Whenever you take pills, unless otherwise noted, you should be sure to have at least a few bites of a solid food to make sure the pills go down. If it feels like food is getting stuck in your throat, it would be a good idea to get a pressure test done....they monitor the pressure in the esophagus as they inject cold saline (salt water). It's uncomfortable, but not too bad...I've had it done twice. This, to me, sound like cardiac pain....occurring on exertion, pain extending down into the chest sounds cardiac, and with a given history, the assumption should be made that it's a cause. Do you have any difficulty breathing? Break out into a cold sweat? How's your blood pressure during an event? But, given that eating sometimes causes the pain, it's worth it to also get your throat (esophagus) checked out.
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  • It sounds very much your genetics *is* a problem. Has anyone talked to you about things like Factor 5 Leiden and other heart-related genetic conditions? I would ask about this.
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  • Did you ever take the medicine for osteoporosis?
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  • In answer to Did you ever take the medicine for osteoporosis? No I never have....why do you ask?
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  • It can cause a degenerative jaw disease.
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