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My baby needs help!

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  • Posted By: sunshine713
  • March 6, 2008
  • 01:57 PM

My 5 year old son is always sick.. the doctors keep telling me he has a sinus infection. he can't sleep because he coughs all night long, he coughs until he vomits, he's been complaining about headaches, and stomach aches, he's always congested.he's constantly clearing his throat..i've been fighting this for at least the last 2 years. i'm at wits end...please someone help!!:(

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  • This type of problem is quite complicated, as it might related to many different causes.As your son's condition can be treated with foot massage or so called foot reflexology treatment. I said so because my nephew has the breathing problem while he was at the age of 6 to 8 years old. My brother and sister in law have brought him to all kinds of treatment and medication . Although it did help for short term , however the problem did not completely go away, it came back once in a while especially when he get involve in spot at school.I would say they are so lucky to to meet some one that had the same problem as my nephew and has been recovered after gone through the alternative treatment (foot reflexology)I have found a web blog has a very useful information about foot reflexoloy tutorial where you can learn how do it at home http://www.footreflexology.blogspot.comWish you all the best and hod bless you.
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  • My son was always coughing and had stomach aches, etc. I had left over medicine for refluz (zantac) and gave it to him on a hunch (cough medicine and allergy medicine did not work). He would wake up every night coughing, but once I started giving him zantac before bed he stopped. Try it - hope it helps. Reflux can cause cough and stomach pains. If he is coughing and not feeling well he may very well also have headaches from it.
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  • Remember the dangers in giving a child a medication that has not been approved of by a doctor. You don't have a way of knowing if its been tested in children, what side affects to watch out for or the proper dosage. Acid reflux may well be the cause of your child's symptoms. I urge you to see your PCP and bring it up specifically. Don't take no for an answer if the doctor's answer doesn't satisfy you.
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  • work with a dietician..put him on a strick diet, no dairy, wheat...see if that helps him...get him allergy tested through an allergist. What is irritating him in his environment that he has to go through this? Check the house for mold and carbon monoxide, dust, etc...try a homeopathic doctor..you didn't mention but if this does not help you need to consider a sleep disorder like sleep apnea and or a seizure disorder, a rare one that occurs during sleep...
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  • Wow, the person who wrote about allergies may be right on with their comments and suggestions. If this is not the answer I might ask for an MRI of the lower brain, *cerbellum and neck. These symptoms are also symptoms of Chiari 1 Malformation minus the stomach ache but I struggled with stomach problems due to the other pain specifically the headaches.
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  • have you looked into having your child tested for asthma?when I was younger i had asthma. The doctors couldn;t figure it out because i wasn't exactly having trouble breathing as with most asthma conditions. I had what they call cough variant asthma. there is another name for it as well but I don't remember. I used to cough and cough all through the night sometime till i got sick. It would upset my stomache because i was coughing so much and i would sometimes be stuffed up. (allergies usually made my asthma worse)just thought i'd throw it out there. goodluck =]
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