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My baby girl

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 3, 2008
  • 03:41 PM

My little girl (13months) who is otherwise the picture of health was cranky and irritable and limping.
When we looked at her foot she had a huge blood blister on her heel - surrounded by 10-20 tiny little clear blisters. It was very infected looking.
The doctor didn't know what was wrong and gave her antibiotics to combat the infection.
However five of the little clear blisters have grown 7-10 times their original size and turned into blood blisters too. Now they are surrounded in lots of little blisters which look like they are growing and spreading too.
I know blood blisters are generally caused by friction or crushing - but I know where and what my little girl has done - and nothing has happened to her foot - and it doesn't explain the infection or rapid spreading of the blisters.

Please help if you have seen or heard of this before - she is in pain and I dont know what is wrong or how to help.

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  • i dont have a clue but i really hope you have tried to take her to another doctor for another opinion.
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  • is she wearing shoes that are too tight for her. Also does she have any other symptoms such as a fever
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  • We live in a tropical climate - so she hasn't worn shoes at all so far.She woke up this morning and her foot was extremely hot and swollen.I am taking her back top the doctor again - I think I will request a culture.Apart from obviously being in pain when she tries to walk - she seems fine otherwise (no general body fever, lethargy etc)
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  • I think it HIGHLY unlikely that your girl is electrosensitive (whatever that means). You need to give us a clearer picture of what these blisters look like.What size are they (measure them).What shape?What does the surface look like (smooth, rough, thick, thin etc)Are they well demarcated or do they spread into each other?Are they hard or soft?What's inside them - is it blood, serous fluid (pale, watery), pus or something else?Do they burst easily?Are they painful when you touch them?Are they anywhere else on her body?You say they look infected - what exactly do you mean?What antibiotics and how long have you been taking them? Have they been working?Any other symptoms?Has she been taking any new medications?Does she have any allergies?Is there any chance she may have broken a bone in her foot (could be fracture blisters)? Any signs of insect bites? Any reason for friction blisters?Let me know.
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  • I woud add, did the doctor swab and culture the area to see if there was infection? I hope s/he didn't just indiscriminately prescribe an antibiotic!
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