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My 10 year old daughter

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  • Posted By: njhansen
  • February 26, 2009
  • 07:12 AM

I am in search of help from anyone who may have a clue as to what has been going on with my 10 year old daughter. Up to 6 weeks ago she was a very happy girl who lived life to it's fullest. One night her and her older sister were playing when she had on her sisters PJ's. Her sister chased her into her room and tackled her on her bed. She bent her arm weird and hurt her arm. I waited till the next day to see if she was feeling better. NOPE she wasn't - I called the doctors, took her in and the did an X-ray. The arm wasn't broken so they sent me home with a splint and told me her arm would get better in a few days. By week end she wasn't doing any better in fact it was getting worse. Another X-ray with same result, next Monday took her into the doctors again. This time they put a splint on it and she was a bit more comfortable. That Thursday she went to see an Ortho who put a cast on and sent us home. Told us that it was a buckle fractor or growth plate injury.

That night is when it really all started - That night I have never had any of my chilren in so much pain. Her entire body would flinch with pain - she would cry out mommy make it stop. With being up all night and the next day it not getting any better, called the doctors, but in the area I live in they obviously don't work on Friday. I ended up in the ER with them cutting her cast off and putting a sugartong splint on it now. That night her arm starting twitching like I've never seen before. The entire arm would raise up the ace bandage. She was in more pain than ever - another trip to the ER - This time the doctor as she is having spasm's in her arm - tells me she seems to be doing fine - frustrated beyond frustration I head back home.

Within a few days her entire body starts to spasm. It will go sometimes for a few minutes, then there are other times that it will go hours at a time. She will ask me to make it stop. It's been 6 weeks now. She's had an EEG, blood work and nothing has resulted other than many sleepless nights.

PLEASE help me if anyone has any suggestions. I know this is long and wordy, but I've made it as short as I possibly can. Thank you and I welcome any suggestions.

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  • Maybe the extent of her injury is not just the arm. It sounds neuro or muscular. It can be possible she pinched a nerve or strained a muscle. Progressively increased amount of pain is something you have to address and sometimes forceful with physicians. They tend to brush it off if the obvious isn't staring them in the face. Also, I have read an article, that sometimes pain after a traumatic event happens out of fear, anxiety, and etc. She is 10 and I do not think she would make something like this up. Especially since you mention she's never had an issue before. Good luck!
    Carrlexzi 36 Replies
    • February 27, 2009
    • 11:23 PM
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  • Because it has been six weeks and the fracture should have healed, I agree that maybe she injured more than just her arm.
    qwertyuiop123 453 Replies
    • February 28, 2009
    • 09:40 PM
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  • This is obviously a nerve injury. I have dealt with nerve probs in my arm for 6 yrs. Thebrachial plexus is somewhat near the shoulders and has far more nerves bundled up right there than anywhere else in the body. The accident may have done something to nerves there. The whole body pain is hard to explain. To me, that sounds like an adverse drug reaction. Was she prescribed anything? If so, perhaps start there... I would call a good neurologist at the best hospital in the nearest big city. Also, I would be careful to not make the other sister feel bad for the accidental injury. She could have major psychological problems if her sister is indeed severely injured for a long period of time. Guilt can cause alot of head problems for adolescents.And keep an open mind that it may NOT be the arm twisting causing these probs. It may be coiincidence that it started at that time. Hope this helps.
    shouldabeenadoctor 5 Replies
    • August 10, 2011
    • 08:26 AM
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