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Mutiple problems - espically hip

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  • Posted By: Blue_Skys
  • June 13, 2008
  • 00:26 PM

Hi I am new here, I have been unwell for the last 10 years or so.
It started with leg problems and develped into spine and pelivc problems, they said that I was growing to fast and the bones were growing faster than the muscles, causing the muscles to be permatly contracted. I got passed from department to department and no one could decide what to do, beacuse I was being bullied at school (partly beacuse of my walking) I just got sent to a theopist and wasn't helped physcailly at all. By 16 my general heath was terriable I was picking up every cold and was very tied all the time CFS was diagnosed.

Now I am in my mid 20's I can't work full time normally and at the moment I can't work at all. A couple of weeks ago I experinced a poping in my "good hip" and since then I barley put any weight on it and I can't work or drive and I'm just stuck at home.

My doctor said it was a muscle spasm at first and that there could be cartiledge damage but he didn't examine me, he gave a medication to help the spasm. I went back the following week and I had noticed that the pain was different instead of just being generiled all over the area it was just in the front of the hip and feels like someone has taken a sleadge hammer to it, my gp then did an x-ray. as this week has gone on the pain is getting worse and worse I can't eat as I feel so nauseus from the pain. So I called my doctor today and he said the x-ray is clear so its just a muscle spasm and I am going to get refered to the pain clinic.

I know muscle pain and this is different. I need help but my doctor won't refer me back to othopodics - i haen't seen them for 8 or 9 years.

No one has actullay examined me yet, checked my movement levels or anything, this can't be right?

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  • Hi Blueskys, sorry ur in so much pain & i agree it doesnt seem right that they dont actually examine you.....dont be soft with doctors just be direct with them & ask for them to examine you or refer u on....dont be shy about it, thats what theyre there for. Im sorry to say that really i haven't a clue about your problem but what i can suggest u try is a natural drug called Glucosmaine Sulphate 1000mg, My Pain consultant reccomended that i took them & they definately helped me, i take one 1000mg twice a day, they worked really quickly.Glucosamaine sulphate is a natural non toxic compound found in the body.It is liscenced here in the UK & can be bought over the counter at health shops or chemists. If u cant get it where u are, google it for more information & it is possible to buy it on line. Also for muscle spasams Baclofen is a very good drug treatment, it works for me. You should definately try accupunture, it will also help u. Best wishes :) hope u feel better soon.
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  • Ask to have your IgA levels tested. If you have a a too-low IgA level, that means your mucosal barrier can't fight of colds and flu. What you describe with your hip sounds like hip dysplasia. Try here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000971.htm You don't say wether you're male or female. It may be a genetic problem called Turner syndrome if you're female.
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