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Muscle/Joint pains, tingling in hands/feet

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  • Posted By: doveman
  • July 7, 2009
  • 07:15 PM

First some background. I'm a 35yo male with a quite sedentary lifestyle, although I don't drive so have to walk to the shops, laundrette, etc.

I'm currently taking Terbinafine 250mg/day (for a fungal nail infection, although I've also had recurring ringworm for the last couple of years, which has recently come back even though I'm taking the Terbinafine!), Cetirizine 10mg/day (for Rhinitus, although my nose still runs something awful when I eat), Lansoprazole 30mg/day (for Gastritis, diagnosed by Gastroscopy. I also had a colonoscopy a few years ago), Mebeverine 135/mg 3*day, Loperamide 4mg as needed, Mirtazapine 15mg/night and Diazepam 2mg as needed (usually just when going out).

I've had irritable bowel problems since I was a teenager but they've got a lot worse recently, although cutting out coffee and cigarettes has helped quite a bit. It tends to be worse in the mornings, when a couple of bites of an apple can send me to the loo, whereas later in the day it tends to settle down, although I still tend to get bloated and need to go soon after eating. I've found I'm gluten and lactose intolerant, so have cut those out. I tested negative for celiac, but I think by then I'd cut gluten out of my diet so that might have affected the results.

Anyway, at the moment my back really hurts. Not so much my lower back, which I've had problems with since I was 18, but my upper and mid-back, depending on how I'm sitting. I woke up with a painful left upper back about a year ago, which was very 'crunchy', and my GP sent me to a physio but the exercises haven't helped and it's just as 'crunchy' and painful. I've had an x-ray of that shoulder but it didn't show anything.

Now, every morning I wake up with a painful upper back and stiff lower back, and varying pains/numbness/tingling in my calves, hands and feet and hobble around like an old man. My ankles and wrists ache as well, as do my upper arms. Holding plates when washing up causes quite a bit of pain in my hands/wrists, cleaning the bath kills my legs and back and making the bed is exhausting. I have trouble getting out to the shops as by the time I've had a wash and got dressed, I'm exhausted. I get a lot of pain in the bottom of my heels and legs as well, even when just sitting down, and find raising my legs on a stool helps sometimes but the only really comfortable position for me is to lay on my side with my legs bent. Sitting in my office chair at the computer is particularly painful, even though the chair has quite good back support and I find it hard to think or concentrate at the computer, but I would say I have 'brain fog' and memory problems all the time. I'm generally quite irritable and agitated as well as extremely anxious, which makes it hard for me to breathe and I find I get 'the sighs' when I'm sitting at the computer and to a lesser extent at other times as well. The tingling/pins and needles comes and goes, in my hands and feet mostly, throughout the day but can't be shaken off and my fingers and toes ache. My calves also have a habit of spasming (visibly twitching).

I'm very fatigued and don't have the energy or strength to do much most days, including socialising, even on the phone. I've been forcing myself to do some stretching exercises in the morning, which do help a bit although weight-training exercises don't seem to work too well as when I tried press-ups I never managed to increase the amount I could do. I'm currently using some 2.2kg dumbells and on Saturday I managed 40 bicep curls, whereas today I could only manage 25.

I also have problems with my bladder (irritable, weak flow, difficulting stopping/emptying) and suffer from impotence. I did have an ultrasound recently, which didn't show any problems with my kidneys or prostate and I had my testorone checked. Besides the ringworm, I came out in a rash the other day after spending a total of about 30 minutes outside in the sun (in 10 minute periods, waiting for buses), so I appear to have become photosensitive, perhaps due to one of my meds. My nose and the skin around it also burns very easily and shrivels and comes out in milia.

Having looked at some other posts here, I'm wondering about a B12 deficiency due to my gastritis and Lansoprazole use and also a Vitamin D deficiency as I don't get out much, but I'd welcome other ideas. My GP's been unhelpful and just says patronising things like "these things can take a while to resolve" when I point out that my shoulder's as bad as a year ago and didn't see any point in referring me to a neurologist. I've had various blood tests, although not recently, for thyroid, diabetes and to check my blood count, etc.

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  • I forgot to mention, I also seem to feel colder than other people. At home, where it's about 24c, I'm OK but at my parents, where it's cooler, I have to wear my coat whilst my parents and brother and sister feel fine. In the winter, if I don't wear my wooly hat when outdoors I get excruciating pain in my head and neck and even in the spring when it was sunny but slightly cool outside I found that, particularly when I exerted myself, I got terrible pain running from my ear down to my jaw which only abated about half an hour after I got home. My wisdom teeth are all impacted to some degree and I'm waiting for an appt to discuss having them removed to see if it helps.
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  • I was just brushing my teeth and had a feeling that I posted that I was 35. Well, I'm actually 38, I should know, it was my birthday on Sunday! Put it down to brain fog, stress, old age :D whatever but that's the sort of mistake I make :rolleyes:
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  • Hi doveman,Wow- I have nearly identical symptoms to you, except my pain isn't as bad and I'm a female. Oh- and I'm not on any medications. I've also had practically every blood test in the book done. I've actually had all my vitamin levels tested- so I know it's not a vitamin deficiency.I've been told to check out Lyme disease- and since you mention ringworm, I would advise you to do the same. The rash from Lyme disease looks very similar to ringworm. Also- if you look at the symptoms (there are a lot), it covers pretty much everything you've mentioned.Unfortunately, I was just given that information recently, so I can't really give you much more information- I don't even know if it's what I have. So I'll keep an eye out here to see what other possibilities come up. My docs have pretty much given up on me (although they didn't give it much of an effort to begin with), so I'm stuck just living with it for now. Grr. I hope you find an answer!Nicole
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  • Well I've seen a different GP and she's sent me for some blood tests:FBC, ESR, B12/Folate, U&E, LFT, Glucose, TSH, ANA/dDNA/ENA and she's written a couple of other things I can't read. Hopefully that lot will help get to the bottom of my problems. She looked up Terbinafine and it said that can cause photosensitivity so I'll have to take care when it's sunny and she's prescribed me some miconazole with hydrocortisone cream for the ringworm.
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  • Thanks but I don't use Wi-Fi, rarely use my cellphone and don't have a cordless landline. My jaw pain occurs on both sides and I only use my cellphone on my left side. I'm not aware of any cell phone towers near me either, but I'm in the UK so can't check with that website unfortunately.
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  • Hi Nicole I have heard of Lyme but I doubt that's the cause of my problems as my rash doesn't look like the classic Lyme "bulls-eye" rash and it clears up when I apply anti-fungal cream. Nor have I had a fever or been bitten by anything and I don't live in a country where Lyme is prevalent. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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  • My symptoms are similar to yours and be prepared your blood tests might come back normal, blood tests are not always conclusive. I was treated for lupus and then was told I did not have lupus but fibromyalgia.
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  • Hi Doveman,Yep, my doctor's ruled out Lyme for me too. So back to square one. Darn.
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