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multiple tendon attachment inflamations

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  • Posted By: sparke
  • August 19, 2007
  • 09:05 PM

I have had tendinitis in both my elbows for a very long time...3 years for my right and 1 year for my left. I have been diagnosed with basic tendinitis for both, verified by multiple MRI's. Within the past year, I have also developed inflamation in both my feet (diagnosed as Plantar Fascitis). I have done all the normal treatments for inflamation including multiple visits to physical therapists. Orthopaedic doctors want to do surgery on my elbows and say it is just a coincidence that I have inflamation in 4 different areas. I cannot help feeling that 4 different places of inlamation is more than a coincidence. I have been to 2 different Rheumatologists who cannot find any underlying disorder. They suspected a spondyloarthropathy, Inflammatory bowel disorder, or Chron's disease but have found nothing. I flagged positive for HLAB27 and for a Chron's genetic marker but no other tests show anything is wrong.
I also have constant indigestion and sometimes it seems to be directly related to my elbow pain.
After 3 years of seeing different doctors, I recently went to a naturalist/MD. His diagnosis was the possibility of "leaky gut" or malabsorption, due to a history of being on antibiotics, NASIDS and a huge amount of stress in my life over the last 10 years. The theory is that the antibiotics and NASIDS have destroyed the "good" bacteria in my bowel, allowing leakage into my body causing inflamation...or malabsorption of minerals due to the same reason, allowing the inflamation to develop and not get better.
I am in constant pain and some days my heels hurt so bad I can hardly walk. I don't know where to turn anymore. Is anyone familiar with the conditions I have described?

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  • I had many of the same symptoms in my feet & wrists. I thought as you do that it could be a systemic problem. I also tested positive for HLAB27. My doctors insisted, rightly, that they doubted the injuries were related. My foot pain lasted 15 years. I had PT for my feet, taping, and custom orthotics. I was lucky that my feet responded beautifully to these treatments and I'm now pain-free. My wrists turned out to be repetitive motion injuries. I was rehabing an old house at the time. After a long time of resting the tendons, they slowly healed up, but it took about 18 months. Do you notice that you do anything to put pressure on the elbows? Can you avoid re-injury? Rest, rest, rest, and ice & heat help.
    aquila 1263 Replies
    • August 20, 2007
    • 07:15 PM
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  • I do know this is a very old post... Gosh I thought i was the only one suffering! still no DX or cure
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