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Multiple symptoms... what's wrong with me???

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  • Posted By: max4jc
  • January 16, 2010
  • 07:25 AM

Ok, so my main concerns are my forgetfulness and stomach problems. I'm only 23.

I have several symptoms that may or may not be part of the problem. Ever since I can remember I have had very dry skin, dry hair, and joint pain. In the last several years, I have been experiencing sore ribs, aches multiple times a day in my stomach and abdomen- in the same 5ish spots at different times, saying the wrong word (nothing to do with what I was thinking or saying), mood swings ( changing my mind about important life decisions- being 100% sure of 180% different conclusions, every two days or so), going through periods of being very down (actually this seems to happen every couple years), I dream about only once a year, am low in vitamin D, and eat only healthy food- if not often enough. In the last year I have had periodic sharp pains in my lungs- literally feeling like I was being stabbed. Had an xray to check my rib soreness... apparently nothing wrong...

stomach: Many times I don't want to eat because I'm afraid I won't feel well afterward- it's not a pain per say, but very uncomfortable. Maybe related to gluten? grease? I went off gluten for a month and had no more stomach/abdomen problems, but when I started eating it again, problems were very inconsistent (something would hurt after I ate it one day, but not the next), and as going gluten free is very difficult, I would rather figure out what's wrong for sure. A couple times it seemed as though the cooking oil (olive oil) or grease from the meat may have caused it, but other times it didn't, so I don't know. While I was on vacation I noticed big effects on my mood and stomach related to when I ate, but the doc says my sugar level's fine, I'm just low in vitamen D.

forgetfulness: Saying an unrelated word instead of the one I meant to say- and not even realizing it. Or after I say something, I will be unsure if I said what I meant to- it's like my brain and mouth have a disconnect. My friends think its funny but I don't. Also, I forget things. Important things. I have never been great with names, but have a great head for numbers. But I forget my keys. Or really important things like today- I had borrowed a friends apartment key and put it on my key ring. I got a ride to work- locking the door behind me- and left my house key and my friends apartment key inside next to where I grabbed my purse. My house is not messy. The worst part is, I didn't realize I didn't have my keys until I went searching for them when I was getting off tonight and my friend showed up to get their key. Things like this happen all the time. My friends look at me and say "That is the one thing we're doing today- you didn't think to bring that???" They don't get it and neither do I. It seems to be only things that I'm not thinking about presently- like in the morning I will tell myself "if you don't put this check in the bank, you will be overdrawn tomorrow. Do it after work!!!" Unless I leave it visible on my passenger seat (bad idea) I won't remember. It's like whatever I'm thinking about at present drowns it out. Also, I am a math major. I have great concentration and logic skills. It's the important stuff I can't remember. Like forgetting to get my boyfriend a Christmas present. My relationships are suffering!!! Any ideas would be very helpful....

Would a vitamin deficiency cause any of this? Thyroid problem? Gluten issue? Sometimes I think I'm going bazerk!

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