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Multiple symptoms for 2 months now.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 20, 2014
  • 05:09 PM

It started 54 days ago with a burn in the urethra and frequent urination. Couple days later my throat swelled and became sore along with a consistent head ache. Burning in urethra stopped after about a week. Headache stopped after a couple weeks and is now periodic. I still continue to have sore throat, especially in the morning.

A day or two after sore throat appeared I felt very fatigued and tired. Not enough to stop me from normal life but enough to slow me down. Along with fatigue I would experience joint pain as well as pain in either my nodes or nerves, or both, periodically throughout my body (hands, feet, fore arms, shins, thighs, butt, back, neck, arm pits). Not all at the same time.

At about week two I would be relaxing and start twitching and a couple times it would turn into a full body shake. I would sometimes wake up from nap or full night sleep shaking (mainly in my arms, and upper body including face).

At about week six I started developing pimple/boil like spots on my legs, back, chest, and shoulders. Scattered not clusters and they pop with puss like substance. I also have what looks like several infected hair follicles.

I was originally concerned about stds due to the stinging in urethra.
I am a male and had received oral sex and the burning started within 8 hours after that encounter.

The doc said that was not a long enough time period for such an event to cause any symptoms. He said it may be a UTI or I may be passing a kidney stone.

He prescribed me a 10 day antibiotic treatment of CIPRO

Chlam/Gono Negative. 1 week post
Trich Negative. 1 week post
Herpes 1 & 2. Negatve. 2 weeks post
Hep C. Negative. 7 weeks post
Syphilis. Negative. 7 weeks post
HIV RNA. Negative. 4 weeks post
HIV 4 gen ag/ab Negative. 4 weeks post
HIV 4 gen ag/ab. Negative 7 weeks post

All these tests were confirmed conclusive by the doctor and I called the std clinic and they agreed all tests were conclusive.

At week 6 I also had 3 blood tests done to check blood count, kidney and liver function, electrolyte levels and more. All came back normal. Also blood pressure and urinalysis are completely normal.

I was told by one doctor that it is all anxiety related, but I am not a hypochondriac and it has been 2 months now. I rarely ever get sick and I know something is wrong with my body.


- I still feel sore throat especially in morning
- occasionally wake up with shaking in arms
- have periodic headaches
- random pain in joints and nerves as described above
- sometimes the pain feels like in the nodes
- pimple like growths are healing but still appear (I pop them and clean them)
- I have NOT had a fever at any point

If anyone could offer some assistance I would greatly appreciate it. Doctors haven't had any diagnosis for me and I have no idea.

I can offer more detail if there are any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

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