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multiple issues(possibly some psychosomatic)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 16, 2010
  • 02:38 AM

Please excuse my disconnected thought process throughout, I am just trying to be thorough, and feeling a little desperate to get answers or find out what questions I should be asking my doct before my parent's insurance lapses on me(im 25 about to turn 26, and out of the home as a student and fyi im male)

I have had multiple health issues since my early childhood. Since preschool through middle school, I had many infections, both viral and bacterial, mostly lung and head cold type stuff. When I hit 12 or so, I started to notice I was different in social skills than my classmates and had trouble relating and understanding them, this caused me a lot of stress and withdrawal issues, and it was only through much observation, trial and error I learned to properly socialize. I have horrible coordination and balance, and adhd type issues. I still have social issues, and often find myself microcorrecting my posture, eye position, facial expression, etc. I have muscle weakness and fine motor tremor issues but that could very likely be because of my sedentary lifestyle I adopted to avoid social situations (though even when I am regularly exercising those issues seem to persist). I am also very sensitive to cold sensations and light(also maybe because I spend too much time inside lol).

I very much want to be able to be social, but find my mind(and body, very figidity) is never at rest. I find myself unable to concentrate on anything that does not engage multiple senses(intensive stuff like videogames and movies), simple stuff is fuzzy and I have trouble remembering simple things yet complex things I get very quick. Leads people to believe I am disinterested in what they are saying but I find it very difficult to concentrate. I have also had a lot of trouble getting into new things, I try to learn the the entire breadth of the content at once, become overwhelmed and regress. I tend to fixate on my health and social situations too much, and realizing I do this, I have not ever been very successful in identifying my real issues seperate from my mental fixations and thus have been very unsuccessful in describing the complex issues I have to my doctor(s). This is all exacerbates my stress and depression issues I've had since puberty.

Over time, I have developed infrequent acid reflux(comes in bouts), and what was recently diagnosed as ulcerative proctitis, and taking canasa and asacol together have greatly improved that. Though I mentioned the treatment for the ulcerative proctitis, the biopsies from my colonoscopy are not back yet so thats just my gastro taking an initial step. I tested negative for celiac and lactose intolerance but I tried eliminating gluten and cassein(through dietary restriction and dpp-iv enzyme supplement), though my symptoms have not significantly improved(though it seems to slightly improve my mental clarity and balance and being tired after meals).

It sounds weird and possibly insignificant, but I have always noticed that my urine smells exactly the same as whatever protein heavy food I consume about 5 hours prior. Whether its gluten heavy, animal protein heavy, or vegetable protein heavy it drastically affects the smell. I wonder if there is some protein processing issue or immuno issue there.

Through my own research, i have tried diagnosing myself, and thought I might have asperegers or ASD but I don't know if that correctly encompasses my immuno and digestive type issues, and I am told I have a very good sense of humor which is not normally present in ASD patients(from what I understand). I once again apologize for the mess of information here but any insight into any of my issues by those more medically literate than me would be greatly appreciated.

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