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Multiple disability symptoms-doctor does not know

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  • Posted By: jeanill
  • April 30, 2008
  • 07:17 PM

I am a female, age 55. Symptoms (started in 2001, got worse):(: 1-Soreness across back of pelvis. 2-Tremendous leg muscle stiffness/heaviness and burning; Gets worse when standing/walking. After 20 minutes; pain is severe, legs get heavier/weaker. I drag legs, hard to lift them. Pain stops when sitting, stiffness/heaviness subsides slowly. I have slow, wide based gait. I cannot do squats, climb steps, or stand on one leg. 3-Upper back stiffness (unable to turn over in bed). 4-Stiff neck. Pressure in head and ears. 5-Momentary painless pulses in brain, causing head to ***k slightly, while vision goes dark. It happens few times a day, then stops for months. DOCTOR IGNORES! (Also: blurred vision-getting worse). 6-Daily brief rashes. Morning muscle stiffness. Stiffness after sitting (hard to get out of chair). Hand weakness, and trembling. Tests: CBC, MET, SED, TSH, CK, and RA-normal. MRI (lumbar): multi-level DDD, foraminal encroachment, facet disease, several hemangiomas, sclerosis at symphysis pubis, phleboleths in pelvis, and borderline stenosis (L4-L5). X-Ray (thoracic): curvature of mid-thoracic spine, severe scoliosis in lumbar spine, mild dorsal kyphosis, moderate osteophytes, and vacume phenomenon at several disk levels. Doctor found: OA in both hands, knees and ankles, joint hypermobility syndrome, mid-thoracic joint dysfunction, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. What is causing leg function impairment, vision darkening, and feeling ill every day? What tests have doctor's missed? Please help!

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  • Once again, all i can see is Lyme disease. Or at worst, mercury intoxication. Do you have amalgams filling? did u take it off?But your rash and a lot of your symptoms make thinks to lyme disease...K=Like me. And it's not a goog new because it's hard to know...read my mail just after you, yes it's different, but i did not all say also.Lyme cause a lot of symptoms...And moves...Find an infectiologist(is it the world in english ?) or an environnemental doctor. Look at the test i did, it cost me expensive but ill probably sure, because this sickness is hard to find, one test can be wrong...Good luck, It's so hard to suffer alone without comprehension, i think to stop everyday... About mercury, it's serirus, mercury can cause a lot of sickness, all heavy metals, but the one in your mouth, if u have it, goes in your body everyday....Don't take it out without a dentist who take precaution, this is the denger.Ok.xx
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  • Perhaps Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Try here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ehlersdanlossyndrome.html
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  • how's your sleeping going?Do you seem to have memory or concentration issues too?The pressure in your head.. is that made worst by standing?Is hand weakness and trembling worst.. after using it?
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  • Some of what you may be experiencing post-menopausal symptoms....they sound very familiar to me...I am not suggesting HRT, but you may want to take this idea to a good GYN. I am sure you have other things going on, but it may account for some of it.....I recognize some of those symptoms and you are the right age....for more great info. check out this non-commercial site for menopausual and post menopausal women at www.power-surge.com Great info. and great forum with great bunch of ladies! Try a visit at least! Joan
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  • Thank you everyone...I:) will answer you in the order you replied! 1) To Fannou, I was thinking it might be Lyme, but the doctor refused to take a blood test. Where can I get tested for Lyme disease in Cleveland, Ohio? :confused:I was tested for some metals, but I will have to see if mercury was one of them...I have amalgum fillings for over fourty years! 2) To aquila, I will check out the website for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome...thank you. 3) To taniaaust1, my sleeping is awful, I can't fall asleep, and I wake up all night to urinate and sometimes gasp and wake up. The pressure in my head is very vague, and my ears hurt. (The doctor said I had vertigo) It happenned when I was carring a heavy bag of groceris to the bus stop, and when I got to the bus, I put the bag on the bus step and reached for the hand rail, and my hand and arm started trembling somethiong awful.) Another time I was sewing and my hand was trembling VERY slightly. 4) To Joan5555, yes-I agree that some symptopms might be post menapausal, and will check out the website. (The hair stopped growing on both of my legs, and the doctor brushed it off as hormone loss). And he did not even look at my legs. Thank you everyone! I will keep looking for answers, and I am trying to get a LYME test.
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  • Hi, Im in Canda, Quebec province so can not help u for the doctor...Look on the Blaze answers, he gives some links about lyme. But what is this doctor who don't want to test u. I also have ears pain now and it's a lyme symptom. You must find a doctor....ITS IMPORTANT"""I don,t know what is the test u did for metals but it has to be with a chelator, once again, a special doctor, but sure u have mercury, but also lyme disease...IM SURE NOW' CAUSE IM SURE TIO HAVE IT TOO"""Ok, look at my link, :n a crazy state, Blaze gave some links and i think there one where u can find a doctor....Ok good luck, keep going, its not menoposis or multiple slerosis or whatever....Lyme disease and mercury, for sure.AND find a doctor knowing this cause if not, he will treat u bad...Lyme disease chronic exist and its an epidemy not recognize in the world...Good luck, look on internet too for s doctor..;xx
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