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Mulitiple symptoms.. any ideas?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 23, 2007
  • 04:30 PM


My story like others is a long one... Hope some of you take the time to read it, since I would appriciate any kind of input.

Almost 3 years ago I came down with something that is still undiagnosed. While walking up a flight of stairs I started to feel ill. An extreme fatigue hit me. It was the worst I have ever had. Along with it came an aching pain like you get with the flu. I remeber waiting for my nose and head to get congested, but it never happend. I slept more or less for a whole week. I had no appetite at all. After a week my appetite returned, but after my first meal I turned nauseaus and started to have diarreah. This continued for a few days and I finally went to the ER. I was put in the hospital since and they found elevated liver enzymes. This is when I realized that I had been jaundiced as well. My family kept telling me how good I looked (lol). Anyhow they ran all kinds of tests hepatitis, HIV and so on. Everything came back normal and I was feeling so much better the very next day that I was released. My liver enzymes were coming down at this point as well. They never did find out the cause of this... I had no sore throat and they said it wasnt Mono...

I was doing great for almost a year when I started feeling fatigued more and more often. Every Friday after work I felt like a truck had run over me. I tried drinking tons of coffe thinking I was overworked since I had been working VERY much. My appetite started to change as well during this period. I would get hungry only a couple of hours after a meal. This resulted in some weight gain as well. Shortly after I was having these burning pains in my back (around the height of my hips). This wasnt a muscular kind of pain and this pain had me think something was wrong. I decided to see a doctor about it.

Before I even got to make an appointment I started feeling ill again. I was having 3-4 bowel movments a day and then after a few days I started having diarreah that got real bad. At one point I was going 17-20 times a day. No blood, and no abdominal pain tho. I also felt fatigued just as if I was drugged and I never knew when it would hit me. I remember having to pull the car over since I was to tired to drive. I saw my doctor and was hospitalized again. They did a colonscopy and they found ulcers throughout my colon.
While in the hospital my hands dried up and my feet were ice cold all the time and I had pain in my upper right quadrant. They put infectious colitis as a diagnose since I had only had problems for a short time.

At this point I realized that the aching in my ankle might be realted to all this. I had been having ankle pain from time to time since the summer of 2000when walking. It started on one side and after a while I had pain on both sides.

I was released from the hospital after a week, and my bowel movements were down to 2-3 a day - not normal but at least more formed.

3 months later my blood pressure was high. I was 140/105 and put on medication. My thighs were starting to ache and my feet hurt to stand on. I was also having a flu like feeling from time to time. I was having lower back pain as soon as I tried to do anything around the house. If I took a walk or tried to exersize I would get that drugged feeling forcing me to sleep as well as aching thighs and legs. I lost all discharge from my vagina and I was having very scarse peroids. They only lasted a day. My eyes felt dry (an eye doctor did tests and it turns out that I actually do have dry eyes) I developed these small skin patches that were dry and red, but they didn't itch at all. I was getting boils as well.

Another month passed and my Thyroid tests came back out of range. My TSH was just out of range while my T4 wasn't but in the low end of normal. I was tested for antibodies and these tests came back normal. Anyhow, I was put on meds and they took away some of my symptoms such as the dry hands, and cold feet. All of the other symptoms remained.

So here I am... I have seen a rhumey, a GI and an endocronoligist. The rhumey found nothing out of the ordinary and the only thing the endo found was an elevated level of Free testestrone. My white blood count has been slightly high since day one, but only just out of range. The highest I have had was 15.

If anyone has any idea's I would love to hear them. I am so tired of feeling sick everyday and not knowing whats causing it


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  • Poly-cystic ovary disease? Because of the testosterone?
    rad-skw 1605 Replies
    • October 24, 2007
    • 08:03 AM
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  • You have some of the same symptoms as myself. Today my doctor said I could have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have really bad low right hand adominal pain, shoulder tip pain, leg cramps, male hormone, milk production (never breastfed, youngest child is 4), hair growth on chest and stomach and bottom, severe stomach cramps, tiredness, and back pain. I had blood tests today and am booked in for ultrasound on friday, i can not find that leg cramps and shoulder pain have anything to do with POS.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 24, 2007
    • 10:19 AM
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  • I forgot to mention the stomach cramps result in going to the toilet a ridiculous amount of times a day. I also rarely have a period, maybe every 4 months on average. I have also tried to fall pregnant and have not been successful.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 24, 2007
    • 10:23 AM
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