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mouth sores

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 3, 2008
  • 09:04 PM

I have dealt with pustules in my mouth for over a year. I have been given nystatin which is not helping . I have rheumatoid arthritis ,fibromyalgia, and congestive heart failure. I take several medications including prednisone and imuran which compromise my immune system. I'm tired of the burning tongue and the inside of my cheeks. The pustules become inflamed and burst and the taste is awful. I have been to two doctors and a dentist . No one knows what is wrong. Does anyone else have similar problems?

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  • As I live in Colorado there is a great possibility of tick bite. Two of my daughters have had parvo as adults so I understand how painful that can be.
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  • Good morning,I can relate to your pain! Do you have any chest pain on the right side as well as stomach pain?I am extremely worried because I have the same problems but when I google the images or results, it says if you have mouth problems you have hiv!!! HELLO! Please tell me that's not true?!?!?! I am eager to know what you learn today and I pray for you and everyone on here to feel better.
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  • Yes I have chest and stomach pain. The chest pain is attributed to my heart and my stomach pain to a hiatal hernia. No I don't have HIV
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  • I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you if I did. I have been googling symptoms for months because when I first started looking things up everything is suggesting hiv. My symptoms are mouth irritations, slimy under tongue almost feels like blistery as well as right side stomach pain and right side chest pain. I feel ok until around 5pm then I feel like **** until about 8pm. I have gained weight and have no energy. Is there anything out there besides hiv that I may have??????? I have 3 girls and I am married so I am VERY low risk, but when you goole the symptoms thats what comes up most of the time. I am FRIGHTENED! Do you have any ideas?
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  • Please do not think you offended me. I was just letting you know that I get blood tests every six weeks and a white blood count is taken . I have not specifally tested for HIV but my white blood count would indicate HIV. I have been tested for latent syphlis. Since I have been married for 13 years I just don't see a venereal disease as the cause.
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  • I have also googled mouth sores and came up with the same hiv diagnoses. I share your frustration because I have been unable to come up with anything that I could suggest to my doctor. I quess the next step is an oral surgeon.
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  • Have you found anything useful out? I think our first problem is googling our symptoms. I think it would be the best to go to the Doc and find out exactly what it is. I have never been personally, but what about homeopath? That sounds interesting. I am just too scared to go to a Doc. I am worried sick! I have right side chest pain, right side abdominal pain and a weird mouth irriation. WHAT COULD THIS BE? Please tell me I don't have the hiVVVVV! Blahhh, puke! That's too much for me to even think about. When I look up symptoms for that the only one symptom I have is my mouth. I have gained weight not lost any, have constipation rather than diharea, am never fevered or any of that. Please can you jot down some ideas for me, at least to build up my courage to go to Doc before I AM DEAD! I have kids and a husband at home. God bless you all and wishing us all healing and peace!
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  • All I can tell you is that I have been treated with clyndimicin, leviquin,and nystatin. None have worked. I have been checked by my family doctor,rheumatoligist, and my dentist. No one has ever mentioned HIV. I was told to see an oral surgeon and just haven't done it yet.
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  • I decided to try Tee Tree oil and it worked wonders. I bought it at WalMart in the vitamin section. Make sure you don"t swallow it . In four days the results were amazing. I just applied a small amount with a Q-tip.
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  • I decided to try Tee Tree oil and it worked wonders. I bought it at WalMart in the vitamin section. Make sure you don"t swallow it . In four days the results were amazing. I just applied a small amount with a Q-tip. Ah, brilliant. You have candida overload, and the steroids/antibiotic combo along with anitfungal meds have made this WORSE. Also try plain unsweetened yogurt and coat the tongue with this - very soothing. I suggest a candida cleanse, as topical treatment is not going to get the candida under control. Western antifungal meds don't always work, and they are often hepatotoxic. Google Threelac - this is a natural food based candida cleanse and is one of the best products out there. You can also try wild oregano oil (make sure you find a product with high concentrations of oregano). Pau d'arco is also good. But IME (have struggled with candida in the past), THreelac is the best. It's pricey but comes with a money back guarantee - no, I am not a rep!:rolleyes: You may want to get tested for Lyme thru Bowen or Igenex labs. But I think candida is definitely coming into play - contributing to your symptoms if not necessarily causing them. Also try acupuncture - there is a great school in Boulder called SWAC (Southwest Acupuncture College) if you are in the area. Best wishesDOM
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  • acupuncture will help a lot, too..
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  • I had mouth sores for months about 4 years ago. My gum tissue would slough off in large pieces and I had exposed bone in several areas. I finally found relief at the University of Minnesota Dental School. The diagnosis was lichen planus. I have not had any problems since then.
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