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  • Posted By: FrazierFrostCrouch
  • August 16, 2007
  • 07:01 PM

I am an otherwise healthy 26 year old, but I have been getting ulcers in my mouth and pains on the side of my tongue. every few weeks a small, white painful bump will appear on my tongue. also, i get canker sores or ulcers in my mouth semi regularly. Now one side of my tongue hurts with no visible marking. I am afraid this is oral cancer, but I am unsure. I used smokeless tobacco for 5 years, but quit last year. What is going on?

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  • How is your diet? any food craving or preferences? how is your energy level? Do you get thirsty?I don't know if this is an infection- but maybe you would like to visit a doctor of Traditional Oriental Medicine- they are really good at checking your breath, organs, eyes, tongue, skin, and all your overall characteristics...and give you a treatment and perhaps some herbs.Best,
    Eatafruit78 960 Replies
    • August 16, 2007
    • 07:07 PM
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  • Start by going to your dentisit.The exact cause of aphthous ulcers is unknown. Factors that provoke them include stress, fatigue, illness, injury from accidental biting, hormonal changes, menstruation, sudden weight loss, food allergies, the foaming agent in toothpaste (SLS), and deficiencies in vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid. Some drugs, such as nicorandil, also have been linked with mouth ulcers. In some cases they are thought to be caused by an overreaction by the body's own immune system.Trauma to the mouth is the most common trigger of aphthous ulcers. Physical trauma, such as that caused by toothbrush abrasions, laceration with sharp foods or objects, accidental biting (particularly common with sharp canine teeth), or dental braces can cause mouth ulcers by breaking the mucous membrane. Other factors, such as chemical irritants or thermal injury, may also lead to the development of ulcers. The large majority of toothpastes sold in the U.S. contain Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is known to cause aphthous ulcers in certain individuals. Using a toothpaste without SLS will reduce the frequency of aphthous ulcers in persons who experience aphthous ulcers caused by SLS. However, some studies find no connection between SLS in toothpaste and mouth ulcers.Artificial sugars, such as those found in diet cola and sugarless gum, have been reported as causes of aphthous ulcers as well. They can also be linked to an increased intake of acids such as ascorbic acid (one form of Vitamin C) or citric acid. In this case the sores disappear after intake decreases (for example, by substituting ascorbate salts for ascorbic acid).Another possible cause of aphthous ulcers may be opportunistic activity by combinations of otherwise normal bacterial flora, such as aerobic streptococci, Neisseria, Actinomyces, spirochetes, and bacteroides.citation needed] .There is a commonly held belief that another cause of aphthous ulcers is gluten intolerance (Coeliac disease), whereby consumption of wheat, rye, barley and sometimes oats can result in chronic mouth ulcers. However, two small studies of patients with Coeliac disease have demonstrated no link between the disease and aphthous ulcers. If patients with aphthous ulcers do happen to have gluten intolerance, they may experience benefit in eliminating breads, pastas, cakes, pies, cookies, scones, biscuits, beers and so on from their diet and substituting gluten-free varieties where available.Although the exact cause is not known, aphthous ulcers are thought to form when the body becomes aware of and attacks molecules which it does not recognize. The presence of the unrecognized molecules garners a reaction by the T-cells, which trigger a reaction that causes the damage of a mouth ulcer. People who get these ulcers have lower numbers of regulatory T-cells.Repeat episodes of aphthous ulcers can be indicative of an immunodeficiency, signalling low levels of immunoglobulin in the mucous membrane of the mouth.citation needed] Certain types of chemotherapy cause mouth ulcers as a side effect. Mouth ulcers may also be symptoms or complications of several diseases listed in the following section. The treatment depends on the believed cause. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a4/Text_document_with_red_question_mark.svg/48px-Text_document_with_red_question_mark.svg.pngThis section does not cite any references or sources.
    rad-skw 1605 Replies
    • August 17, 2007
    • 07:54 AM
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  • I have heard that they don't know the cause of canker sores. I get them about once every couple of months before my period. Since you used to dip, I would definitley recommend you see a dentist just to rule out mouth cancer. I forgot the name, but not too long ago a new oral drug came out for canker sores. I'm sure your dentist can help you with your concerns.
    aquajay 6 Replies
    • August 18, 2007
    • 11:09 PM
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  • I agree that you should see a dentist. You might try taking l-lysine (sometimes called lysine) supplements. Lysine is a type of amino acid that the body needs but doesn't make. Try here:http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/articles/613.html
    aquila 1263 Replies
    • August 20, 2007
    • 07:35 PM
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  • I too have had apthous ulcers since I was 18, I'm 31 now. I get them all times of the month, multiples usually. I just got diagnosed with a bunch of food intolerances/allergies - too many to list. I did notice that not drinking beer (wheat allergy, etc) does seem to help cut down on the amount for me by half! I figured this out by an elimination diet and keeping a food diary. So I guess I am one of the people who do believe that food allergies do have something to do with it.
    sarahl1976 19 Replies
    • September 3, 2007
    • 02:20 AM
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  • Will taking vitamin b12 supplements help? I'm a vegan and can't get it from meat :( Found a good one that I can take: http://products.mercola.com/vitamin-b12-spray/
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  • Dear Friend,Do a blood test for vit B12, zinc, selenium, CMV, EBV, Coxsackie, Herpes virus, rickettsia, Q fever, Lyme disease (borrelia WB).You could be gluten intolerant.Love,Dr B
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  • I have the same problem, do you still have the problem?
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • November 23, 2014
    • 04:48 PM
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