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Morning fatigue, cold hands/feet, thin and hard to gain weight, ... ?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 2, 2008
  • 06:30 PM


When I look at this table, I can check off many symptoms from low adrenal

- Thin, can't gain weight
- cheeks sunken
- hair: Dry, Sparse on forearms or lower legs
- skin: Dry, Finger-prints often "smoothed out"
- Light Sensitivity or Night Blindness
- After Image (e.g. seeing the image of a flash bulb
- Cold Intolerance
- Cold Hands / Feet
- Sweating (after a brief 5 minute walk, then sitting down in a class, I will be sweating heavily for a moment)
- Startle Easily
- Personality Tendency: Humor (low)
- Personality Tendency: Serious
- Poor focus, clarity, concentration, short-term memory. 'Brain fog' (diagnosed with ADHD)
- exercises: Causes fatigue
- chronic fatigue
- blood pressure: usually 110/70
- bowel: hyperactive, transit time may be too fast

My main complaints are:

Morning fatigue, even after 8-10 hours of sleep, I still have trouble waking up and getting out of bed. However, I am most active in the evening and generally do not want to sleep until 1am. The results of my sleep test concluded that I have no sleeping disorders, and poor sleep hygiene.

Very thin, hard to gain weight (5'7 @ 105lbs - 21 years old male).

Cold hands & feet. When exposed to the cold, my whole palm & fingers are white.

I plan to see my doctor soon and request for a complete body check up. The usual tests the doctor orders are blood and urine testing (results were good) however I never had thyroid, saliva, or hair testing. Are there any tests you recommend me to request the doctor? I am also thinking of a bowel test since I am very thin yet eat quite a bit.

Do you guys think its adrenal fatigue? My BP was at 110/70, then I stood up which increased my BP to 121/87.

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  • Try a gluten-free diet, for about a month. A lot of those symptoms might be related. Trouble gaining weight, fatigue, personality tension, light sensitivity, startling easily, brain fog (in a big way!), maybe the hyperactive bowel. Laura
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  • Have you or friends visited areas of the tropics where a parasite or a foreign creature might be attacking your immune symptom? Some of these can be passed on through water droplets (ex. from a sneeze, or sex). There are different tests that can be done especially if you can narrow down the symptom's.
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  • However before trying a gluten free diet, get blood tests for celiac disease. Because the blood tests require that you be eating gluten to be accurate. And if you are sensitive to gluten you won't want to go back to eating it after quitting. It might make you very sick. Laura
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