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Morgellons Disease: Itching, stinging, biting, crawling sensations, rashes, lesions

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  • June 5, 2012
  • 02:26 PM

I thought I'd post about Morgellons Disease since so many people are having these symptoms and haven't heard about it.

Symptoms: Itching, stinging, biting, crawling sensations as if there were bugs on the skin, rashes, lesions and sores that are not healing or slow to heal, brainfog, mental confusion, extreme fatigue, neurological involvement and filaments or fibers that come from the skin and are the defining symptom of this disease.

Some people experience crawling sensations worse at night, often they will feel something is residing in their eyelids, eyebrows, ears, and nose. Itching can be localized or full body and not everyone shows lesions.

This is an emerging disease with little help from the medical community that often brands people with a label of "Delusions of Parasites" a diagnosis that is extremely destructive to the patient and can have long-reaching ramifications for their personal rights, not to mention not being taken seriously by any other practitioners they see in the future.

People go from doctor to doctor often seeing up to 60 physicians before giving up. The main complaint that drives people is the insistent crawling sensations and itching. Most think they have scabies and bugs or worms. They treat incessantly with topical chemicals provided by dermatologists that do not help. Some take Ivermectin which if it helps at all is usually temporary.

This is a systemic disease affecting all systems of the body (the fibers appear in the urine, stool and blood as well as the skin). It is incurable at this time, but one can learn enough to "manage" the disease and reduce or eliminate symptoms.

A full bodied holistic approach seems to help the most. Addressing and cleaning up the diet is key. No sugar, white flour products, reduction in carbs. Eating lots of organic greens and vegetables, non-processed food (NO GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD) in the diet, a heavy protocol of supplements and herbs, detoxing and eventually chelating help clean the body out and reduce symptoms.

It is felt that Morgellons is a condition over-running the body with fungus, yeasts, molds, bacteria, heavy metals and parasites as well as some form of pathogen that the body cannot seem to fight off. Morgellons sufferers have a weakened immune system. Most traditional testing at the local MDs office will not reveal any indication of abnormality, however those taking specialized testing used in functional medicine are coming up with metabolic snapshots that reveal these deeper problems in the body. As well there seems to be an allergic component connected to the problem and in certain cases is responsible for the intense itching.

Once you have Morgellons, a lifestyle change is the most effective way to deal with the disease. I urge anyone with these symptoms to find a good nutritionist or holistic practitioner such as a naturopath.

I've got a website up for more information. http://morgellonsdiseaseawareness.com
As well, check out Wolfe's site for detailed information about detoxing and other pertinent topics. http://morgellonsaid.wordpress.com

For those suffering this disease, know that with diligent work, you can get your life back.

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  • A few more things I have forgotten to mention. Black particles that look like pepper flakes can emerge from skin as well as sand-like granules and other "odd" artifacts. Many people complain of white "dust" coming off their skin or something that looks like glitter.The fibers are not always readily apparent in the skin and can be microscopic, so a cheap ($12) hand-held scope from Radio Shack can reveal what the eye cannot pick up. There is a link on my home page to an online source that sells these microscopes.If you or someone you know has been suffering with scabies or what they think are mites for a few years, then Morgellons must be considered. This disease can be delivered via insect vector and many people do not realize that an initial infestation could now be cleared but the infection of Morgellons was left behind.
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  • Morgellons researchers have published compelling studies indicating the pathogen might be a spirochete, B. burgdorferi or several other parasites, such as Theileria microti and Anaplasma phagocytophilum, which cause the diseases babesiosis and human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA).
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  • I cant thank you enough for writing this and i found it i have this condition but wasnt believd an i was sectioned for 2 weeks it was horrendous noone belived me in the end i believd i was going crazy and imagining,,,,wow thank you so much love louise uk x

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  • 30 yr old female that over 2 years, has been experiencing the following:
    -"crawling" in inner ears, scalp, chest, and arms
    -bumps as though bit (for 5 minutes or so)
    -ringing in ears
    -chronic fatigue
    -numbness in fingers and feet
    -eye pain and blurry vision (not often)
    I eat healthy,sleep varies from insomnia,exercise 1x a wk,take homeopathic supplements no meds,haven't been in any wood or country areas, I use vinegar to wash my scalp and body...this is unbearable and occurs not only in my home, but also public places. Seems to happen when close or in contact with carpet, touching surfaces, and exposure to dust. I don't think it's Candida, nor Epstein-Barr,Morgellon's, nor Cytomegalovirus...
    No doctor has found the cause and this is effecting my ability to function, study, sleep...suggestions, comments, anything...please!!!
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    • October 5, 2015
    • 07:42 AM
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