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Mixed problems, head ache/neck pain/spaced out

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  • Posted By: burgess12
  • September 2, 2013
  • 08:29 PM

Hello, first time poster long time lurker/observer.

right, for about a week and a half I've been suffering with a stiff neck and a mild head ache that doesn't seem to go away and just lingers around. I've also been a little spaced out not really feeling myself and just a bit disjointed from everything, also forgetting some simple things and suffering to understand some little things. Over the weekend my neck has comes in waves of being more stiff. I've also had a loss of appetite, I mean I can eat and force myself to eat but I could go with out eating and not feel hungry and feel a little sicky from time to time.

A little background info, I used to suffer from anxiety and have always been prone to worrying plus mild OCD but then moved onto smoking weed, which seemed to mask the problems. I used heavily for about four years or so but recently I have given up smoking weed and cigarettes, I've been two months sober but I feel the anxiety has come back tenfold, I scare myself into thinking I'm hugely ill by a misplaced spot say on back of neck or a random pain scares me straight. Over the weekend I scared myself into thinking I had meningitis and vomited probably due to the anxiety. I've been to several doctors and a few have said that it's down the repetitive strain injury which I believed could be true due to the many years spent at the computer in awkward positions but due to the other symptoms I'm not sure.

I'd really like someone to help shed some light on this, can anxiety be the cause of these pains? Are these normal symptoms from giving up weed?
thanks in advance!

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  • It seems you need a break from your routine work.Seems you are so tired of all this that you are stressed out and want a change, in a big way.You need to relax not only your body but also your mind.You need to take a vacation and rejuvenate yourself by taking a break.I think by controlling your stress and anxiety,you just might start to feel better.If still you are not up the mark then i would suggest that you consult a chiropractor.A chiropractor basically is a health care professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuro muscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.Most chiropractors seek to reduce pain and improve the functionality of patients as well as to educate them on how they can account for their own health via exercise, ergonomics and other therapies to treat back pain.
    Ammy Wats 53 Replies
    • September 28, 2013
    • 07:10 AM
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  • Anxiety can cause neck muscle tension and tightness.However meningitis can also cause stiff neck and difficulties looking at bright lights.If you do decide to go to the E.R don't tell them you have a history of anxiety otherwise they will dismiss your symptoms as that.Alternatively,if the cause is anxiety/fear based get some massages and maybe talk to a friend or therapist about it or take a dance class and pottery classes etc to distract and relax you.
    rozellelily 21 Replies
    • October 16, 2013
    • 03:30 AM
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  • Maybe your atlas is out of whack, which causes neck and back pain, headaches, and neurological problems. Does the very top of your neck where your head meets it bulge out to either side a little? This could be as simple as going to a "nucca" chiropractor and getting everything put back into place. Or you could just be suffering from psychosomatic symptoms. A consultation with a nucca chiro is usually free tho, so it can't hurt to get yourself checked.
    BetsyJ 4 Replies
    • October 18, 2013
    • 05:16 AM
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