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Missed periods

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 6, 2007
  • 06:59 PM

I'm 17 and not had any periods for 4 months but can't work out why. Does anyone have any ideas?
I know I am not pregnant but I am too scared to go to my doctor to ask them about it. There is a little bit of stress in my life at the moment from school work and preparing for University.
Please leave suggestions as it is now starting to worry me.

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  • could be pregnancy or some sort of endocrine disorder. I have PCOS and don't get periods. Or..if you are really active/atheltic...you body can sometimes just stop having periods.
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    • November 6, 2007
    • 11:11 PM
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  • You don't mention anything about how long it was since you had your first period. In any case you should know that it can take up to two years from the time you start menstruating for your body to develop a regular cycle. However if you DO NOT have an eating disorder, exercise more then 2-3 hours a day, have a great amount of stress in your life, or are on birth control pills, you should wait for 6 months to see if your period starts again. After that you need to be examined by an doctor to rule out any medical condition. Absence of periods for more then one year can cause loss of bone density and increas the risk of fractures. It can also increase the risk of Osteoporosis later on in life. A condition called secondary amenorrhea could be the root of your problems. This is when you start menstruating at the normal age, but then stop for six months or more. Secondary amenorrhea is more common than primary amenorrhea where the patient never has a period.Possible causes of secondary amenorrhea: Pregnancy. Even tho this is not your case! Birth controll pills. Some women who take birth control pills may not have periods. When oral contraceptives are stopped, it may take three to six months have a regular period again. Contraceptives such as Depo-Provera, also may cause amenorrhea as can progesterone-containing intrauterine devices, such as Mirena. Stress. Mental stress can temporarily alter the functioning of your hypothalamus. The hpothalamus is the area of your brain that controls the hormones that regulate your menstrual cycle. It can cause you to stop ovulating and it can also be the cause of missing periods. Medication. If you are taking any medication then some types can cause amenorrea.Illness. Chronic illness may stop menstrual periods. Hormonal imbalance. A common cause of amenorrhea or irregular periods is polycystic ovary syndrome also called PCO or PCOS. This condition high and estrogen and testestorone, rather than the normal fluctuating levels in the normal cycle. This results in a decrease in the hormones that lead to ovulation and menstruation. PCOS is associated with obesity; amenorrhea and often heavy uterine bleeding, acne and excess facial hair. Low body weight. Females who have an eating disorder, like anorexia or bulimia, can stop having periods because of these abnormal hormonal changes. Excessive exercise. Women who participate in sports that require hours of training such as gymnastics and so on, may find their menstrual cycle interrupted.Thyroid malfunction. An underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) commonly causes menstrual irregularities, including amenorrhea. Thyroid disorders can also cause an increase or decrease in the production of prolactin and can lead to breast discharge. Pituitary tumor. A benign tumor in your pituitary gland called adenoma can cause an overproduction of prolactin. Excess prolactin can interfere with the regulation of menstruation. This type of tumor is treatable with medication, but it sometimes requires surgery. So as you can see it is VERY important that you see your doctor after 6 months. The first time is always the hardest. As soon as you see how natural it is for your doctor to talk about these things you will realize that you had nothing to worry about. It is all a natural part of a womans life. Hope this helps... Kiera
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    • November 7, 2007
    • 08:29 AM
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  • My friend missed her period 20 days into her supposed period. Did pregnancy test but tested negative. Why?
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