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Mismatching sizes and colors, pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 12, 2010
  • 03:36 AM

Hi, I'm a fifteen year old male with brownish blonde hair. I have no issues with my weight or eating. However the brown hair only shows on a few places of my body. Ontop of my head there seems to be layers and sections of different colors of hair. I have never dyed my hair, and it has been like this for a long time.

My pubic hair however is stranger. Split straight across the middle(horizontally) my hair is brown on the top and blonde on the bottom. Ive been told that the sun bleaches hair, but in that case it should effect the top of my head too. Ive also never been outside naked, and it also means that it should be blonde on the top.

The rest of the hair on my body is a fine blonde. My feet are wider than most people, and vey small. They don't match my height at all and have grown a lot slower than they should. My hands are large, and i have a very large thumb.

My eyes are different colors, and they have different levels of vision. Im losing my hearing slowly, accompanied by constant headaches. I have a malar/butterfly rash on my face(since birth), and lately a lot of acne. Im also double jointed, and i think im developing severe arthritis. It hurts to walk up stairs or even write. My muscles and bones hurt even if i do nothing all day. Most of my joints make cracking noises.

Please help me, and i apologize for the length. Please ask if i missed any necesary details.

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  • Sounds like something genetic.. probably would be good to see someone who specialises in that area. My thoughts on some of your symptoms, double jointed, hurting to walk, body pain, joints cracking ... makes me think of Ehler-Danlos syndrome but on looking throu the 11 currently known types of it, I couldnt find anything which matches your other symptoms. (maybe you have a new type of Ehler-Danlos??) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehlers-Danlos_syndrome (i see hearing loss is listed as a complication of it.. and Fibromyalgia which is listed as a symptom can cause body.. bone and muscle pain). Maybe you can find more out at http://www.ednf.org/
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  • I just had another thought about your case. My feet are wider than most people, and vey small. I just realised that your feet have some of the features of "talipes" also called a club foot (my daughter was born with a club foot). Other than curving in.. The other two very noticable features of a club foot or feet is they are often usually small (my adult daughter has a childs sized foot due to it, its wee), and the foot is wide. I saw that club foot was listed in Ehler's Danlos possible symptoms and thou you didnt describe what I know to be a club foot (as you didnt mention your feet curling in.. unless you had some surgery when a babe which your parents havent told you about on your feet??? sometimes a club foot curve is corrected by foot splints or plasters alone). Any chance you were born with more serious foot issues that your parents havent told you about!!.... I suggest to ask them if you ever were born with trouble with your feet. Do you tend to walk on the sides of your feet? (that is common with club foot). Many different genetic issues can cause club feet. So IF you have club feet?, it may add in your search by looking for looking for genetic issues in which club feet are present. Also try using the term "hypermobility" (which means very flexiable joints) in your searches
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  • Thank you. I had no idea that clubfoot showed up differently. I do tend to put my weight on the sides of my feet. I've never had foot surgery when i was young, but i did start walking about a month earlier than most people.Any ideas about my hair coloration? As long as its not a dangerous thing it isnt as important, but somewhat out of curiosity.
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