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miserable for 12 years, no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: danashmom
  • March 24, 2010
  • 05:59 PM

I am a 34 year old mother of two teenagers. My health issues began 12 years when I was 34. It began as a deep ache in my left armpit. It spread down my left arm and down my entire left side. My arm and leg was weak and trembled easily. My GP did an EKG since this was on my left side and it was normal. He also did blood test for MS, infection and Lupus, all normal. He sent me to an Internal Medicine specialist and he was also puzzled. Since this was on my left side he sent me to have a stomach Xray and a gall bladder test.(apparently the pain can be referred from one side to the other). All came back normal. After several months the pain subsided but I was left with extreme tenderness in areas on my left side. My daughter was young at the time and she couldn't even sit on my lap without causing me pain. I also was left with the feeling that I had a rock underneath my left ribs upon lying down. I had to get a memory foam mattress just to rest. I saw a surgeon for this and he just said I didn't have anything "vital" on the left side. Since then I have had bronchietus, recurring stomach viruses, what I thought was recurring UTIs but tested negative, recurring sensitivity on left side. Most recent symptoms of past few months are recurring upper respiratory congestion, coughing up plegm, entire skull, facial bones and inner ear painful, muscles tender and knotty, joints achy, especially knees and shoulders, fingers achy, ankles swell if sit too long or on feet too long, feel like am not in reality. Please help. I would like to be around for grandchildren some day.

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  • I would put you on a small dose of Prednisone
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  • In my opinion, there are several things that come to mind. Parasitic infection, allergic reactions, exposure to mold. There are a few other things that I can think of, but I think these seem fairly likely.You live in Alabama, I used to live in Florida, and it was fairly common for people to be exposed to toxic molds in the humidity there. Ticks are also common, and your symptoms in my opinion match very closely for both Lyme Disease AND toxic molds.Answer a few questions:Are you ever exposed to insect bites? Have you ever travelled out of the country? (Where and when)Have you lived in the same house since the symptoms started?Read this about Lyme disease:http://www.lyme.org/otherdis/ld_symptoms.htmlThen read this about toxic molds:http://healthandenergy.com/mold.htmThese are fairly common and logical problems. You can get a test for Lyme Disease, and you can get your house tested for mold. I would do BOTH. It's entirely possible you have multiple problems, so try to test for all these.You didn't mention a fever, but you said you don't "feel like you're in reality". Have you noticed any fevers at all? How about vomiting and nausea? You mention "stomach viruses", does that imply nausea and vomiting?I keep thinking of a few mosquito born diseases, but the duration of this illness is puzzling. Still, a few diseases spread by mosquitos such as Dengue, Malaria, and a couple of others share these symptoms.Don't give up. Look for a medical centers with a number of specialists in areas such as toxins, molds, parasitic infections, rare infectious diseases, etc. If a doctor doesn't know, ASK who you can see next. But start with the things I mentioned above, they are relatively common, often misdiagnosed, and fairly easy to test for!Good luck
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  • Sorry I had a bit of misinformation. My symptoms started when I was 34 and now I'm 46. I also forgot to mention that I did see a Rhuematologist when the left side symptoms started and was told fibromyalgia but I read up on it and it doesn't seem to be localized to only side of the body. However, I could have it now I suppose. To answer your questions: I am sure I have had all kinds of insect bites. Insects are bad in the south. I have never travelled outside of the country. I lived in one house when I had the left side symptoms and have lived in a different house for the last 5 years where the most recent symptoms have occurred. Yes I have had nausea, vomitting and diarreha with "assumed" stomach viruses. I would like to thank you for replying and trying to help.
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  • My ideas are a faulty lupus test, (very possible), an autoimmune disorder, (because of the frequent infections), or maybe even leukemia. (not likely, but possible) I hope you feel better!
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