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Middle Back Pain.

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  • Posted By: rockgod
  • September 8, 2009
  • 05:02 PM

I've been having middle back pain for about 1 year now. I would say it is in the t10 to t12 region but I'm not sure. The worst symptom is that I can never get more than a few hours of sleep. Somewhere between 3-4 and 5-6 is the average hours of sleep I can get a night. I have no clue what dictates that. It's in the center of my spine and hurts the worst when I bend back or side to side. It does not go away when I get up and although eases a little it stays all day. It does radiate down my left and right flanks of my back. Down to above my butt and hurts when bending forward or forward side to side. My knees usually hurt and sometimes my feet. I am flat footed, and while have been all my life and no problems before, I started there. Got special inserts and shoes for flat feet. This was about 10 months ago. Give it a few weeks and no relief. Next I tried sleeping different places. I put a piece of plywood under my mattress because it may have been too soft. Did that for about 6 weeks and no improvement. Tried everything else from about a month to six weeks with no results also. New mattress, couch, floor, recliner, pillow between my legs, and sleeping with my legs elevated. At this point I'm tired all the time, never get enough sleep, and my life has gone to ***l. Now, I go to the back doctor. I tell him the problems I'm having and he doesn't listen. I tell him the pain radiates from the middle of my back and feels like all the other problems I'm having is from that. He orders an MRI on my lower back and I tell him I don't have money to pay for several MRI's. So, I ask him to look at where I'm hurting and make sure that the area that hurts will be covered in the MRI. He takes a quick look and says yes.Like I said I can't tell but it seems like the pain and problems are coming from my middle back and the problems I'm having in my lower back(sides) seem to come from my middle back. Well, he does the lumbar MRI and it shows everything to be fine. I have lumbar phecetes done on my lower back. (aobut 4 months ago) Mobic, Flexiril, Zanaflex, and ibeprofein are also given to me. All at different times because one or the other are not working. The only thing that I was supposed to have done but didn't was a conduction type test with little needles and another for some type of nerve test. My insurance didn't cover any of these thing(MRI, Lumbar Phecetes) So, at that point I was tapped out of money. I'm still in misery and nothing has changed. I can't find anyone with the same problem I'm having on the web. My life is in shambles because my back affects every facet of my life. I'm going to a pain management center in 2 days but I don't think they get rid of the problem. I just don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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