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Metal clips in the stomach???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 26, 2009
  • 07:53 PM

Can metal clips used in appendix removal cause problems? I had my appendix removed a few months ago but I dont feel well. Of course I went back to the hospital where the surgery was done, they did a virtual colonoscopy but it showed only that I have metal clips on the area which I feel the pain. I can hardly move, even a light exercise ends in pain.Whenever I go to the toilet I feel a strong 'twisting pain' . The doctors couldnt tell me anything just to take painkillers. On the area where I feel the pain is often very hot and sometimes covered with small rashes, at the moment it looks like eczema:hot, dry, painful even the skin. Can I be allergic to the metal clips?

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  • Most metals used in surgery are titanium which is used because it causes the least amount of allergic reactions per 100,000 patients, but it is still possible to be allergic to it. Also, many pins, clips and sutures labeled and marketed as titanium actually have small impurities metals such as nickel, which are more likely to cause allergic reaction.
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    • October 27, 2009
    • 11:04 PM
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  • Yes, metal clips in the belly can cause severe pain and other complications.I had my appendix removed in 2008. Afterwards, for weeks, I could not keep down any food at all (not even a sip of water). I was hospitalized for the better part of six weeks. Staff tried to convince me to have a colostomy; I refused. I was finally discharged from the hospital on intravenous steroids (Medrol). In November of 2009, I became unable to keep down food/water again (I had been off the Medrol for some time at this point).Staff then removed the metal clips in a second surgery, and I have been feeling much better since. I am not as well as I was before I had my appendix out. During the second surgery, staff removed a section of intestine as well. I am bothered by frequent diarrhea, and certain foods pass out of me looking exactly as they did when I put them in my mouth (sorry, TMI). I did NOT have a colostomy, thank God.I have been able to eat normally since the second surgery and am no longer bothered by frequent attacks of nausea and vomiting.ALL of the doctors I have met deny that there was any connection to the clips, but, to me, the total lack of nausea/vomiting since the removal of the clips mean that the clips were, at the least, an aggravating factor in my condition. I figure that someday there will be a massive lawsuit and the damned things will be taken off the market. Until then, people will continue to be injured by them. I have no idea what company made my clips or what metal they were made from. Mine were destroyed in an incinerator after their removal (I was told), despite my express wishes to hang on to them for evidence in a lawsuit.I have read on the internet that there is some evidence supporting the possibility of titanium allergies. I have also read that these clips may, in some instances, be contaminated with nickel. I have a known allergy to nickel, which dates from when I was a little girl and I had my ears pierced.Anyway, who knows? My advice is to shop around until you find a surgeon who will take them out for you. You will feel so much better.
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  • I think so well, since you have a tummy ache, yes it is a problem. Surgical equipment is left behind more often than you would think, and the patient can live for years without it ever being discovered.
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