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Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance? Candida?

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  • Posted By: aman00777
  • July 10, 2010
  • 03:28 PM

My Symptoms:
- Low blood pressure
- Get cold easier than other people
- Brain fog
- slow to get words out sometimes
- Very hard to lose fat
- Very slow to gain muscle and strength.. compared to other people, and some of them smaller than me.
- Dark circles/eye bags
- Sleep much longer than other people
- Low energy - i feel i should feel more energetic
- Fatigue faster than most people that are around my body weight... in football, weight training... everything! (***n)
- Anxiety
- Very coarse hair
- a while back i was quite Lethargic, It seemed like it slowly set in from age of 14/15. Which now that i think of it is around the time i had the BCG Vaccine.
- Joint pain, feels like weak ligaments at my pelvic joint (espesially when shooting in football) and ankle joints.
- slight knee pain
- back acne marks

4-5 silver mercury fillings as a kid + vaccinations, would chelation be benificial?

Heavy metal toxicity has many symptoms similar to vitamin B12 deficiency, as explained by the MELISA

Society. Recent research in the US by Dr. Richard Deth and others also indicates that mercury and

other toxic metals block vital biochemical processes known as the “methylation cycle”. The result of

impaired methylation directly affects brain functioning.

Possible conditions?:
- Wheat or gluten intolerance
- Celiac sprue or disease
- Hypoglycemia
- Iron anemia
- B12 Anemia
- Folic acid anemia
- Hypothyroidism
- Chronic fatugue
- Candida
- Intestinal bleedin?
- Mitochondra problems?
- mercury and heavy metal accumilation
Most likely conditions, i think?:
- B12 Anemia
- Candida
- Wheat or gluten intolerance
- Mercury/heavy metal accumilation

Also - ive Given up dairy products 2 months ago now. so thats outa the picture.

Benificial supplements/treatments?:
- vitamin B12 booster spray
- Calcium/magnesium supplement
- Kefir
- Colloidal silver solution
- Colloidal Mineral supplements
- Humet-R (chelation/heavy metal detox supplement)
- Bentonite & Psyllium (bowel cleanse supplement)
- MMS (colonse cleanse supplement)
- liver cleanse?

I have ordered a bottle of HUMET-R heavy metal detoxer.

Do you think this will actually work well?

what other suggestions do you have to treat my symptoms?

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  • Extra infoStatsage: 19 Mheight: 5'8weight: 73kg My diet is pretty healthy. I need to find out what medication/supplement would be most benificial to treat all these symptoms.And if its gluten intolerance I might have to stop having certain breads and grainsAlso Ive had fluorosis since a kid in my adult teeth, which indicates a high dosage of fluoride in my body from a kid, and this is POISON to the thyroid gland, and interrupts the bodies' natural Bio chemistry,I think this would have contributed to the start of Hypothyroidism from a young age? Hope you can get back to me soon, and give me your opinion on my supplements and symptoms,
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  • Hope someone can help me soon. Thanks
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  • help pleaseee thanks
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  • help pleaseee thankshi there - I would join a forum that is more active about thyroid - sounds like that could be your problem - Id recommend you join TPA UK because even if its not your thyroid the folks there are very knowledgeable and will help you get sorted out. G
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 9, 2010
    • 07:43 PM
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