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mental disorder and presyncope?

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  • Posted By: kklitzing
  • July 11, 2008
  • 09:10 PM

First things first, sometimes I get a feeling in my head that feels like mixture between a dull shock and the feeling you get when you're startled, thats the best way i can describe it. Sometimes it radiates down my right leg, occasionally my left though. It usually happens in the evening hours. Sometimes it just happens once or twice, but normally there's several episodes sequentially and it happens several times that evening. It started in early 2007 and it's getting worse over time. Lately, i've been spasming? not exactly sure what to call it. Again, it normally happens in the evening or when i'm tired. Its normally the chest and upper arms/shoulder muscles.
I'm also seeing a psychiatrist, my problems started out with depression, then severe mood swings. It seems to be getting worse, i know the meds are doing some good because when i forget to take them my day is a living ***l, i snap on people, i dont find any enjoyment in anything and i just want the day to be over. Sometimes i have paranoia as well, sometimes its that someone is going to do something bad to me, other times its just that everyone is doing stuff just to piss me off, which i guess doesn't really sound that much like paranoia. Lately i've been having disturbing thoughts as well, its like my thoughts just keep repeating themselves and its very manic. I've contemplated suicide those days because it was so bad. Its even woke me up in the middle of the night before. One way of describing it would be a bad trip. I've never done lsd, though i have smoked pot on occasion.
Please someone read this and give me their thoughts, even if you dont really know what it would be.

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  • Suicide is NEVER an option....do seek help because there IS AN ANSWER and you CAN be feeling better...do not give up you are important to all who know you! I am not sure what may be going on physically, but do get your thyroid checked FT4, FT3, TSH are the blood tests...it is not unusual for the thryoid to cause depression...also you may be experienceing something else associated with the endocrine system as the thryoid is, and that is adrenal surges....sudden surge of cortisol....You can also get a test for this....hormonal imbalances may also cause this from time to time...anyway it is all blood work so may be worth a try. Medication is helping you so do continue it. Please know that there are many, many types and kinds of antidepresents and what work for some do not work as well for others and you may need to try a few for a while. My mother in law had severe depression and it took several tries and combinations of meds to find what worked for her but she DID FIND IT, and she is feeling so, so , so much better now. DO NOT GIVE UP...it is hard when it takes time, but remember even if one meds does not work as well, that is also one you can rule out and try another and get that much closer to finding what is right for you. It is good you are taking steps to help yourself...that is a very good indication that you are on the right track. Be sure to get friend and family support....it is ok to tell them that you are having this trouble and need support....just as they would support you if you had some more obvious physical problem, so they will support you now. Keep trying! Joan
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  • you may have any kind of endocrinological problem but whatever you have that is causing obsessive thought.you wrote you feel paranoia its you dont have paranoia because you are aware of your problem.you can take antidepressant and tranquilizer on prescribtion of any psychiatrist.i am not saying this the only solution of your problem but you may take this for mental peace untill you get a diagnosis.do not think of suicide. blessing
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