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Memory loss vertigo tennitis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 15, 2011
  • 00:42 PM

For the past two years i have noticed periodically my decreased abilities in my school work to retain information. I am or once was quite intelligent, my memory was something that substantially aided me in school. At one point and time i was able to just pay attention to the teacher or read a book and able to retain the information almost instantly. Now i can study several hours and forget the material. For instances i know the definition i am familiar with the material but when i have to fill in the blank i completely and utterly forget the word. I feel less intelligent. My papers i write have less attention to detail more gramatical errors, but the insight is still good. But after complaining about these issues i have received several diagnosis. One was for the vertigo which apparently came from damage to my inner ear canal. my inner ear became extremely infected and popped which led to me having extreme vertigo being bed-ridden for about 3-4 weeks which after some time has gone away with the aid of a ENT specialist who basically threw me in all different direction. Benign proximal vertigo was the official diagnosis. I even had an audiologist attach cameras to watch my eyes and make me look at lights all kinds of test. This would of course explain the vertigo. But i have a constant ringing in my ears for quite a few years now. This is of course explained by the damage and scarring to my inner ear canal. So the vertigo comes back as of right now i was vertigo free for appx a month not it has returned. I am experience extreme difficulty with my memory, vertigo, constant head aches and ringing in my ear. I have trouble sleeping and take promethezine for it not primarily it aids me with some acid reflux issues but i have come to take it daily as i am scared to take other medications because of the large amount of side effects and unknown damage they probably do. I seem to be sleeping regularly on the promethazine. The headaches of course were associated with back issues as i get pain in my back often. I was given celebrex and flexerall but i dont take the muscle relaxor as it causes me to be non-functional the next day. I still get the headaches and only take the celebrex on occasions when they are severe. How can i explain the memory loss the dumbfounded feeling i have. I feel like my thoughts are less intelligent, i feel less capable of doing things i once could do with ease. A general fog forgetfulness and inability to comprehend things at the level i once was so capable. When did this all start i dont know. I have used drugs in my life. Cocaine rarely LSD twice psylocibic mushrooms maybe 3-4 times pain killers as prescribed. I was diagnosed with adhd primarily because of my own manipulation and wanting the wonder drug adderrall which led me to get incredible grades and turned me into quite a productive member but at a large cost of mood swings irritability and paranoia. So i stopped taking it but it seemed like this did not decrease my scholarly abilities i was still capable of doing the same things now after a period of 8 months on the drug taking 20 mg daily as prescribed i never abused it. As far as my drug use none of the drug use was chronic aside from particularly one drug. Marijuana. Well i needed to stop using marijuana primarily due to a job i had obtained. I had smoked marijuana avidly on and off since appx age 15 and gave it up at appx age 21. After stopping my use my grades declined from straight A's to A's B's and C's. now two years later i am making steady B's and C's while studying quite more frequently and taking fewer classes. The course material is not any more difficult, that is not the problem the problem of course is with my retention. So i resolved to going to see a psychologist. I have been seeing him once a month for a year now. I have been diagnosed with adjustment disorder anxiety disorder panic disorder. I was given a wide variety of medications all with a mass array of side effects and none seemingly to help aid me with my anxiety my sleep issues and my memory rentention. Quite frankly i would start a medication have a terrible side effect from it that would land me in the ER (for instance hallucinating off of Celexa.) or after some time i would just come to resolve that i did not like the way i felt and they were not aiding me in my quest for a return of memory. So finally i manipulated my way into getting aderrall again out of frustration. Except it seemed to make my memory worse now. And the psychotic paranoia and anger was much much worse. After reveiling this to my psychologist he then gave me wellbutrin, which to say the least i took for several months but seemed to do nothing but make me hyper and when i didnt take it moody. So since then i have been off of medication, tried cognitive behavioral therapy to ease my sleeping issues. Then finally i stopped going to the psychologist because quite frankly it was a waste of time and it was helping my sleep my memory my headaches my ear ringing and my general frustration with my life. I find that without the medication or the belief that there is something wrong with me that my anxiety has dissappeared. But still remains the obvious troublesome symptoms of the memory loss, the inability to intellectualize at the same level. Now ive read all kinds of things on these forumns from lyme disease to vitamin defeciencies. And i dont know what to do. Could be possible that i have ADD and the only effective medication is marijuana an illegal drug that would cost me my job and my life and is simply just not an answer. OR that i somehow am suffering from brain damage or possibly depression. What test can i have done what are some diagnosis that i can suggest to my doctor. I know they are going to want to give me something like Zoloft or some bull**** theoretical non thouroughly tested resolution. I need answers. I cant explain this frustration, it almost has me in tears. To think that somehow i have quite possibly dont damage to my brain, or that i may have some disease that is slowly detriorating my ability to function. someone please help me. Cost is not an issue. I can go see any kind of doctor i need referrals of course. But i need a reason to request a referral to a neurologist. Because if i dont go in without some legitimate reasoning i am just going to get shot down and given more psychopharmaceuticals. Also i dont feel depressed this memory thing has got me stressed though. Im sure i will get the old anxiety can cause memory problems but i just dont buy it it has to be something else. Ive had anxiety my whole life and it has never caused this problem. This feeling of being in a constant haze headache ear ringing vertigo. Sorry for the length narrative and thank you to anyone who can possibly offer me some insight

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