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Medical Mystery (Breathing problems and 5 trips to the ER)

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  • Posted By: Titan17
  • March 9, 2012
  • 02:30 AM

5 visits to the ER, 2 Xrays, multiple physicals, blood samples, 2 EKGs, and blood pressure checks and here I still am, without an answer.

I'm 18 years old, and My body has been out of whack for the past 4 weeks, and no one can tell me why. I am turning to the internet as I'm afraid I have no where else to go. It's a medical mystery, and I'm hoping someone can help me figure it out.
So, I'll start from the beginning.

About 4 weeks ago I began experiencing a dull pain in my left testicle. This pain went away, and then I began having different symptoms. Random spurts of pain and shortness of breath.

I went to the ER for the first time; had an Xray, and had my blood pressure checked. Doctor said he thought it was stress and prescribed with pills to help with it. I didn't take them, as I was convinced it was NOT stress, as there was nothing going on in my life at that time that was stressful.

As the symptoms persisted, I went back once again. This time, I asked them to do a physical of my lower body in case it was something like testiticular cancer, he didn't feel anything odd, he also checked for hernias. They didn't do an Xray that time, but they did do the EKG for the first time then and also they checked out my lungs and breathing with the stethescope. Everything read normal once again.

At this point, my symptoms included:

1) A very constant shortness of breath
2) Random spurts of mild pain: Including the groin area, the back, the heart, and the stomach
3) Sluggishness and the feeling of the body just not being...right

It had been about 2 1/2 weeks of putting up with it, and one night I just couldn't sleep, so I went once more and still nothing.

The symptoms persisted, and at school a few days later I became very light headed. I called the ambulance and they picked me up. I arrived at a different hospital and explained to them about my shortness of breath and pain episodes, but also said I was here today because of NEW symptoms, the light headedness. The doctor told me these new symptoms were due to a hyperventilation attack, but he agreed to test for the symptoms I has been having for 3 weeks now. This is where I had my 2nd Xray done and my 1st blood test. They also did the standard blood pressure, stethescope to the chest, etc. The doctor reccomended that I see a pulmonologist, so my parents booked one for the 20th of this month. In the mean time, this doctor has prescribed me an albuturol inhaler.

On the way home from this hospital, right before I got into my house I began hyperventilating really bad, It felt like I was becoming paralyzed but I came inside and got myself back down to normal using a paper bag.

SO, yet ANOTHER week went by with me putting up with my breathing troubles. A few days ago, I took my most recent visit to the ER due to a new symptom completely, the feeling of being choked. I woke up that way, and I couldn't seem to shake it. I became very nervous, thinking it could be a heart attack, so I went in again (to a new hospital). They didn't perform any new "major" tests, but instead told me they feel strongly that it's anxiety.

After being told "anxiety" for the second time, I decided to just believe it. I filled the precription for the calming mediation (can't remember the name) and started taking it this past week. It helped, a little.

It's been about 3 days since my last visit, and the choking feeling persists. It's not so much breathing trouble anymore, it's the choking, the heart pain, and the pain on other parts of my body that comes and go. I take that back, the breathing problem IS still there, but the choking seems to be masking it a bit so I don't notice it as much...fun stuff.
I just don't understand this. I'm a very happy kid...I don't work, I'm doing good in school, what the heck is going on here? What CAN this be other than stress that an Xray, an EKG, blood samples, physicals, and ER doctors can't spot??

It's been nearly a month and it's still here, still real, and I'm still scared that it could be something harmful that should be dealt with and not ignored.

Please help, and please ask questions as I will be more than willing to answer them. I'll go ahead and wrap the symtoms up in a convenient list below if that helps...

Old (has been here for the past 3/4 weeks)
-Shortness of breath;
It's like there's a cap to my breathing, breathing is more active than passive
Pain comes and goes, it's in my groin, my chest, my back, my stomach, and recently my heart
My back is sore sometimes, frequently
New (Within last few days)
-More frequent heart pain
-My gums hurt behind my last tooth on the right side of my mouth
-Choking, I feel like my throat, right where the tongue arches down is being constricted constantly
Weird (maybe insignificant, but who knows)
-Sometimes I become a bit light headed
-Soemtimes my lower back feels hot

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  • Dear Friend,You might have a chronic viral or intracellular bacterial infection.Do blood tests for CMV, EBV, Coxsackie, Lyme disease (borrelia WB), rickettsia, Q fever, toxoplasma and bilharzia.Check your teeth.Love,Dr B
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