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M.E? Thyroid? Hypoglycaemia? What?!?! Help!

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  • Posted By: divalou
  • March 14, 2011
  • 05:59 PM

Hi Guys;

Looking for some advice on this as Docs not really all that helpful.

So I keep getting these symptoms, not all the time, but on and off - sometimes I am fine for weeks & then I come down with this and I can be feeling crap for hours/days/weeks.

Suddenly feeling extremely exhausted & tired.
Feeling like I am really slow moving, I couldnt move quickly if you paid me!
Muscles feeling like they aren't working, esp in my arms.
Feeling all fuzzy headed & confused.
Unable to concentrate or think properly.
Feeling nauseous/sick & a bit dizzy.

I struggle to find the energy to exercise which makes me feel lazy & frustrated. I feel like I am just being a lazy git but I really don't have the energy to work out, which in turn get's me down because I cant get into a routine to lose weight & get fit.

Other symptoms I have ALL the time :

Chronic & permanently dry lips that need constant application of balm/gloss - been ongoing for 3 years and started suddenly.
One side of my nose feels "blocked", I can only lie on one side in bed or I cant breath as my nose closes. I can see that it is swollen & blocked in my nostril.
Dark circles under eyes which have got worse over time. Also they're puffy.
Pale & sallow looking skin on my face.
Really dry hands which no amount of moisturiser seems to help.

Blood tests have come back "normal" for thyroid & glucose. Doc's have told me its "stress", "S.A.D", "one of those things" and nothing has been resolved. LOVE THE NHS! ffs.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions or similar stories, I'd really appreciate it.


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  • My daughter has the same symptoms (not so much your "other" symptoms). Her glucose blood test was also negative. I hope you get some replies, because I'm also interested. Good luck! Hope you'll get some answers :)
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  • It "could" be a minor case of ME. "Could" as you dont mention that doing things leaves you bad and post excertional fatigue/malaise is the main sign of ME. If you arent triggered off by activities at times.. you dont have ME (the triggering activity may of been 1-2 days before the crash/worst state into the ME). I say minor as when ME worsens one stops having the break you are getting now from it at times and then one keeps crashing into it bad very easily.. My own ME started off as yours is on and off but after 9 mths of it, hit hard leaving me bedridden for 9 mths having to be cared for and then housebound. 14 years later, Im on disability and still sick and cant work at all. I may not have gotten so sick had I stopped pushing myself while ill but I was determined to finish my tertiary studies so that ended up stuffing my health completely. With ME it is very important to rest when needed (to avoid push and crash cycles) and to learn to pace oneself with any activities............... If your symptoms are being caused by hypoglycemia.. they should feel better by eatting complex carbs (to release sugar more steadily into your system) more times during the day. (Ones with ME often do get hypoglycemia with it).............. Thyriod issues.. I dont know much about thyriod issues but I'd think that would be more of a constant kind of issue and not one which you are fine for weeks and then quite ill at other times. You mention the NHS so i assume you are in England. They are hopeless at dealing with ME over there and have actually done harm to some ME patients by the recommendations there, take care if anyone recommends graded exercise therapy as it has made many ME patients far more sick. (CBT is often crap too if the therapist is trying to convince you its in your head.. which ME isnt). A good CFS/ME forum is at http://forums.aboutmecfs.org/........(Those who have Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS) which isnt classical ME, if you have CFS rather then classical ME some of those things like GET and CBT may help. England classify things differently then many other places in the world in which ME is a 'subgroup' of chronic fatigue syndrome but in england they confuse picture by calling CFS.. ME .. Your symptoms sound like what many of us worldwide, most would call CFS .. not sure if I'd say ME for you as you dont mention fevers, sore throats and many other symptoms which classical ME cases get .. viral like symptoms along with the other ones).
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