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Maybe a heart issue?

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  • Posted By: Sir Coughsalot
  • January 21, 2009
  • 01:31 AM

I posted earlier under 13 month cough but I just yesterday learned that having blue feet when you are sitting down isn't normal and having it hurt for a while when you start walking after sitting a few minutes isn't either.

I just thought it happened to everyone and thought it was because of the sitting position...

Don't laugh, I thought it was, seriously. Keep in mind I can't recall when my feet didn't do that but I thought it was normal so I've never paid it any mind. Year round, warm or cold season, blue feet. I wear shoes and socks year round because my feet are always cold and my wife of 10 years never noticed the discoloration thing when I sit because of the shoes and socks.

I mentioned it on the way to the doctor's yesterday and it almost caused an accident, she was driving. She called it cyanosis, she's a nurse, and when I showed her at the doctor's office she said yea, that's it. She also called me an idiot, heh.

My feet at midpoint between the calf and ankle start to turn a light blue and the further down towards the foot the darker it gets. At the toes, it turns into a weird psuedo blue/purple color. The hurt thing is more of a sometimes cramping or tightness in the calves but it'll always feel sorta "soft" when I start walking (feet) after sitting for a little while.

Symptoms: Horrid dry cough for almost 14 months now that wakes me in the night, dizzy spells, light headed spells, short of breath from time to time and even when doing nothing but mostly from moderate activity, I can't weight lift anymore because I cough and get short of breath, confusion spells, constantly exhausted and a low grade fever that makes me sweat like no tomorrow 99.4-99.6 degrees on a new digital thermomoter. My asthma, allergy, pulm. function tests are good with nothing bad to tell. Bronchoscopy was good, biopsy of lung tissue was good, just some calcified granulomas but I live in the midwest. My lungs are inflamed and very red but he's not sure why. I sometimes get a feeling of my heart missing a beat and it used to be fairly rare. Now it's like twice a week. I was coughing a fit one evening recently and had that fluttering feeling in my chest and the cough vanished when the sensation in the chest stopped. It lasted a good few seconds this time and I was able to check the pulse and it was out of synch for a few beats and then hurried up and then got normal. Maybe ten seconds start to finish. The cough did come back but it was gone long enough for me to fall asleap.

I showed the pulmonologist yesterday at my visit and he didn't seem to think my symptoms and my blue feet had anything to do with each other. A few minutes of internet searching seems to contradict that though. he pulled down my sock and indeed, feet were blue like always. He asked if I ever experience swelling and I said a little bit. Told him how it kind of hurts in my calves sometimes upon getting up after sitting and my feet have a "soft" or kinda "squishy" feeling in them after standing from sitting. If I'm dangling my legs off of something or say, sitting on an object where my feet are dangling and not in contact with the floor, like a stool, it's a lot worse. I walk funny for a while until the (fluid?) goes away.

I've missed 90 days of work in 2008 for the above symptoms, switched pulmonologists and have only been missing one or two days of work a week this year. Work has been very understanding of the situation though and that's a relief.

I'm off work again until the 30th while they try steroids at varrying doses at different times of the day. Steroids make me more aggressive and I'm allready an aggressive person. I get in more altercations at work when I'm on them so the doctor keeps me home.


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  • Sir coughsalot's other post is at http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=37269 (i posted my response there)
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • January 21, 2009
    • 09:42 AM
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  • Every time I get a skipped heart beat, I start coughing. Your blue feet could be caused by arterial disease. I do agree that you need to see a cardiologist, even though you are still young. Good luck! :)
    Felsen 510 Replies
    • January 21, 2009
    • 08:22 PM
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