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matted and swollen nodes for a year!! help

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  • Posted By: mhudlin
  • December 13, 2006
  • 05:47 AM

about a year ago I noticed an enlarged lymph node on my neck/mastoid bone. Doc said not to worry, it was probably a lympoma. well a year later it is still growing and not determined as a swollen lymph node. however about 7 months ago on the same side of my neck i noticed a swollen lump behind my lower ear, kind of tucked in the back. the docs weren't worried, but it continues to grow. (now it's raising an eyebrow). then about 4 months ago i was getting weird pains in my left armpit, prompted me to ck it out and I noticed an enlarged node. Breast surgeon wasn't worried but thought something was going on overall due to the other enlarged neck area nodes. Then, 3 months ago, same sharp pain in my right started to act up, then I found 2 lymph nodes fused together. Again, breast surgeon thinks it's strange, but thinks there is something more systemic going on and not Breast cancer. I had a FNA done on 2 nodes back in Sept. they just showed reactive inflamatory. The ent's say they will remove one of them, but they don't think it will show anything but the same diagnosis. BUt they do agree the nodes are increasing in size. My gen. practitioner suggested I see infectious disease. they ran all the tests and again, nothing. but they agreethe nodes are showing something is happening but what no one knows. I am gong insane, it's been over a year of growing nodes in multiple locations. also I get chronic pain in the nodes them selves. They are not sure like when you have a sore throat, i just get sharp pains in them. I of course think I have lymphoma b/c I hear it can go undetected for years with the nodes continuing to swell. i do get night sweats, not everynight, but I can wait up drenched. what am I or they missing here? are they any preventative measures that can be taken (just like how we do pap smears and mamograms for those cancers) how do we test for lymphoma???

I don't know where to go, and each doct keeps saying to see the other. I feel like the medical community is just too rushed!


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