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  • Posted By: martinryan
  • March 30, 2011
  • 01:29 PM

Hi, I'm new this site, and would be really grateful if someone here might have any suggestions for me. Let me start by saying I had a renal transplant 14 years ago...its going ok, and the doctors asure me this has nothing to do with this particular problem...although thats about all they say about it. I am 41, and this started at around 14, so I have had it a while. Here is a list of my symptoms. Hopefully your eyes dont glaze over like the doctors do when i explain them:(

Night Sweats
Swollen eyelids, face
Pain in left hand, shoots down forearm into knuckles
Ear infection in the left ear (same side as the hand)

These are the main ones, there are others but these are the ones that bug me the most. Occasionally I will have a night sweat and they will all clear up....then return with another night sweat. It is often brought about by food, bannana, yogurt alcohol and very condensed tomato paste being the main culprits, but takeing anti-histamines doesnt help at all so I dont think it is clear cut food allergy. More confusingly seafood (which i hate) brings my face swelling down and stops my hand hurting for a few days, as does some but not all antibiotics. Unfortunately just taking fish oil tablets of any kind doesnt work. It seems to be something else about the fish that helps.

I know these are vague symptoms but this thing has been driving me mad for years now. Any ideas would be welcome!

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  • Hi there, I have food issues too and my issue has turned out to be due to more then one issue. In my own case it turned out to be issues with food sensivities as well as insulin resistance so i have trouble with carbohydrate foods eg sugars, breads, cereal, fruits (includes tomatoes due to fructose.. bananas are high carb to so my body dont respond right to them), milk due to the lactose which is a sugar. In Insulin resistance.. meat can help as is high protein and protein helps the body cope with the insulin better so hence the mystery of why eatting lots of meat helped me. Then to top that off Ive recently found out Im deficient (10x lower then a normal level) with almost a nil level, in a trace mineral called molybdenum which is needed to make a couple of body enzymes which are needed to help body deal with alcohol, artifical sweeteners, chemicals etc). Its taken 8? years to solve the mystery of my food issues due to it being due to three different problems. There is so many different issues which may give one issues with food so dont give up looking for an answer. Food issues can cause ALL kinds of symptoms.......... One thing Ive learnt from my own food problems and trying to get answers for them, is that this kind of issue isnt something your family doctor will be able to help you work out the issue. (Ive seen over 20 doctors over the years and none of them had a clue on this kind of issue). You need to go and see specialists or doctors with strong interest in food problems. It was an allergist/immunologist who sent me to the test in which my insulin issue got picked up... and another kind of specialist who recommended the test in which the trace mineral issue deficiency got found (I need to take supplements for moybdenum now.. hopefully once the deficiency is fixed I wont be reacting to so many different things). If you havent seen one.. do go and see an allergist. Also naturopaths are often good at dealing with food sensitivity issues if its that so you could try seeing one of those for ideas.
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  • Thanks for the response :) One problem I have is doctors are loath to get involved because of the kidney transplant....one called me "tiger country"...and it has been hard to get referalls because of this. I will certainly push to see an allergist or immune specialist. I try very hard not to have to much protein as it affects the kidney, but as you said about your trace mineral count it makes sense that fish (but not fish oil) would provide something I am lacking. I have looked at vitamin and mineral charts to compare what is in fish, as opposed to say beef, but apart from omega 3 I cant see much else. Another thing about fish is some work...mackeral, whiting...and some...flake, butterfish....dont. basicly the strong horrible tasteing fish i hate are the ones that help, and the mild ones dont. its annoying! Thanks again for your response, its greatly appreciated :)
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