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  • Posted By: sonicbmx
  • January 19, 2007
  • 11:30 AM

i am a 37 year old male cyclist/athlete for 26 yrs. i don't smoke, drink coffee or soda and have never been on meds. i've had diarrhea since April 2006. at first my stools were loose (in particles) for wks, now they're formed but soft (thanks to supplements from my Holistic Dr), but it looks unhealthy. my stomach hurts often in the upper left quadrant at rib cage (like a broom handle poking me). my stomach burns at times and feels like it contains a thick, oozing liquid. i don't think my body is processing food correctly. i am sometimes weak/fatigue and have trouble sleeping. its been a roller coaster ride with symptoms.. things come and go. things are not improving.. they seem to be more apparent and constant.

my GI Dr put me on Pentasa (20Dec06) to treat as if I had Crohn's. there were no changes after 27 days so i stopped taking it. Here's an overview of the last 9 months or so (testing began in Sep06):

doctors: GP, 2 GI, Infectious Disease, Endocrinologist, Allergist, Neurologist. i'm seeing a GI Dr at Cedars Sinai on 20Feb.

tests: multiple blood & stool, upper GI series, ct scan, endoscopy, colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, hydrogen-methane breath test. i'm having a myography 29Jan. all tests were normal including (h.pylori, celiac, c.diff, etc). biopsies negative on 5 small ulcers they think they're from NSAIDS (altho i had very few since Apr06, and i had MANY in Nov05 for broken foot).

meds: Pentasa 500mg for 27 days (did nothing). i took Prilosec during the day for 3 wks and Zantac at night for 4 wks in DEC/JAN (did nothing). 1 tab of Effexor (37.5).. multiple side effects within 1 hr, stopped taking.

recent surgery: broken foot Nov05, attempted removal of screw in foot Jul06, shoulder Oct06.

i'm at the end of my rope and the doctors are telling me it's "ALL IN MY HEAD" and they want to treat me for depression (altho i don't show signs). i said what the ***l.. and the Neuro Dr gave Effexor (37.5mg). i had a reaction in the first hour and multiple side effects for the next 72 hrs! 1 tab is all it took for me to realize antidepressant medication wasn't for me. but this is what the doctors had been talking me into for weeks.. i caved b/c i was willing to try anything since tests were coming back normal and these doctors were no longer taking me serious. where should i go from here? PLEASE RESPOND if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, thanks!

i'm going to post this in the Gastro and Allergy/Immune sections as well..

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  • It sounds like you may have an undiagnosed food allergy. Has anyone suggested a food elimination diet or rotating food diet to see if a certain food or family of foods is causing the diarrhea? Many intestinal problems can occur because of abnormal immune globulin called IgE.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 20, 2007
    • 09:44 AM
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