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Many Sypmtoms (burning face, fatigue, chest pain, hiccup), No Answers

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  • Posted By: makajean
  • October 24, 2011
  • 02:45 AM

I have many symptoms, but I don't know if any are related. First, I'm always tired, not really sleepy, just tired. And I'm constantly fatigued. For about a year, I get these episodes where my faces burns up and is flushed and hot to the touch, but my hand and feet are freezing. I don't have a fever. I also have strange hiccup thing I do, where I hiccup once, and only once. It's been happening for two years and I haven't had the actual hiccups since. Lately I've had really bad chest pain. It doesn't have an exact location, just everywhere throughout my chest. It feels like somebody is stabbing me from the inside out. Most of the time when that isn't happening, there is a dull pain in my chest. When I lay down, I can feel pressure, sometimes it feels like it's clogging my throat. I've been to many doctors to figure everything out but have received no answers. So far I've gone to my pulmonologist (I do have athsma) first for the hiccup and she sent me to a gastroenterologist and he performed a barium swallow, endoscopy, and an acid reflux test where there is a tube down your throat for a day. The only news from that is I have esophageal spasms but that could only somewhat explain them. He then told me to go to a neurologist but I haven't yet. Then I went to my usual doctor because I got sick (extreme fatigue, dizziness, vision problems) and I explained to her about my burning face. She ordered blood work for thyroid, protein, kidney, and autoimmune problems. Everything came back normal except the ANA, which had a titer of 1:80 and was homogeneous. She sent me to a rheumatologist and he said he didn't think it was any kind of rheumatoid dissorder. He didn't run any testa though. He also said to go to a neurologist next, so now I will. For my chest pain, my pulmonologist prescribed me Prelone (steroid) without even seeing me but it seemed to help for a little. The chest pain has been going on for a month, the steroids only worked a week or less. Just in case this could be a factor of anything...I am asthmatic. I was a gymnast for 8 years and worked strenuous hours. I'm now a dancer and practice everyday. I went to a neurologist when I was young because I had a problem with my legs (they would give out and feel like they couldn't hold me), but there was never an answer. I still sometimes feel that. I pull muscles very easily, even though I have plenty of muscle and am flexible. I have pain all the time, but its so normal that I don't think anything of it. I'm just so tired of dealing with doctors and getting sent around and around having pointless tests done. I would really like to hear back from anyone who has anything like any of these symptoms or knows anything about them.

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