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Many symptoms, no answers, any help?

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  • Posted By: BookButterfly
  • May 6, 2011
  • 11:34 PM

Hey, guys.
I'm new to the site and I tried searching through topics, but I couldn't find any with all my symptoms, so I figured I'd start a topic.

A short background: I'm 20 and female. About a year ago I was told I have high platelets (essential thrombocytosis), though my counts have always been slightly elevated. I don't think this has anything to do with my current condition, however. Also, in late summer/early fall 2010, I had to go on a high dosage of Vitamin D because I was at 10 when I should have been 32+ (according to that lab). But those counts are now up and the way I had felt back then is much different to now.

As for my symptoms, I'll list them.

Joint/Bone Pain: Initially, the pain started in my right knee back in November/December, but it just grew worse. Now nearly all joints hurt, especially my knees, hips, ankles, and shoulder blades. Sometimes it's not a joint, and the actual bone just hurts. It's grown so bad that I can barely walk or get out of bed at times. I'm used to walking 2-3 miles almost every morning, but now I can barely do that. Even if I'm not moving, I hurt.

Muscle Weakness/Pain: This isn't as bad as my bone pain, but it's still there. Sometimes I'll feel very weak, even though I'm usually full of energy. The doctors have also said I have inflammation and a positive ANA. I don't have the exact results, though. They were supposed to send them, but I still haven't received them.

Unexplained Bruising: I've always bruised easily, but I've never had bruises just appear out of nowhere. They've been popping up on my legs for a while now. They're about dime-sized and they last about 2 weeks or more. Once they disappear, more come. They're in areas on my legs that wouldn't normally be bruising. I've been bruising even more easily as well. My friend grabbed my foot a couple weeks ago, but not hard, and the next morning I woke up with a bruise on my heel and on my foot beneath my pinkie toe.

Hair loss: It hasn't been much, but enough for me to notice. I have thin hair, and of course I "shed" like anyone else, but lately I've been picking hair off my arm and clothes like crazy. And when I comb it after I wash, I can literally just pull a few handfuls out.

Stomach Pain: It doesn't feel like the flu pain, it's more like dull aching pain and sometimes cramping. I never feel sick to my stomach, but it just hurts.

Low-grade Fever: I usually run about 96-97, but lately I've been around 99.

Headaches: They're not too bad, but I've been having them more than normal.

Dry Mouth and Skin: No matter how much lotion I put on, my skin just feels dry and bumpy. And my mouth and lips have been as well. They're not normally.

Blurrier Vision: I say "blurrier" because I already have glasses. But I've already been back to the eye doctor twice for this and he says nothing's really changed, but I have trouble reading things far away, and I didn't before (with my glasses).

Some Weight Loss: This is the most recent. I haven't really had a change in appetite, but I've been starting to loose a little weight. I just bought new jeans about a month ago. They were a bit snug, but now they're loose and I need a belt.

I think I've covered everything. I've already been tested for diabetes, but other than that, the doctors haven't told me anything. They've taken blood, but they haven't said that anything's worrying them.

The rheumatologist had me on Naproxen for inflammation for about a month, but I stopped taking that because it made my mind cloudy and it didn't help at all. I just went back to him today and he said he thinks it may be Fibromyalgia, but he's only speculating. He gave me two medicines (a muscle relaxer that he wants me to take at night and one to help with inflammation and pain during the day), which I'll start tomorrow.

My regular doctor had me start taking two Vitamin D's a day (1000 I.U. each) instead of one a couple months ago, but that hasn't made a difference. I go back to her on Monday and I'm starting to collect a list of things to ask her about. So if anyone has any ideas at all, please help! I'm just miserable at this point.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post!

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