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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 19, 2007
  • 02:03 AM

i am a 23 year old female with many symptoms that really dont seem to fit together..i have been to many doctors but none really seem to know what is going on..i started having upper left stomach pain when i was seven, which is everyday, but only really bad about once a week..normal bowls, normal upper gi, normal blood work..after seeing many gi specialists they decided it was probably just gas and constipation(which i told them i had neither)..when i was 17 i starting passing out a few times a week, i had a tilt table test and was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope..shortly after i began urinating very frequently, no buring or pain...urine tests showed that i did not have infection, but ultrasound after urinating showed that i was retaining fluids..had cytoscopy and byopsy that showd lesions but they were benign..it was determined i hade interstitial cystitis..shotly after that i began feeling a burning sensation in my left leg several times a day..at this time i also developed severly sore muscles mainly in my back but getting better throughout the day, left sided jaw pain, pain behind my eyes with movement, dizzyness, lightheadedness, confusion, inabillity to concentrate, forgetfullness (forgeting what certain letters looked like), mood swings, and lost vision in left eye for several minutes...i went to a neurologist and had mri to test for ms since it runs in the family, the test was negative..after a few months symptoms disappeared..a few months later they all came back..went to rhemotologist and had tests done for lupus and rheumotoid arthritis, both negative..he said it was fibromyalgia "like"syndrome..i think that is a b.s. diagnosis because he didn't know what it was...and now a few months ago started having severe stomach aches(which i am used to by now) but also left sided back discomfort (feels like kidney is going to burst and also a popping feeling)..had a urine test which show really elevated protein in my urine, had a kidney ultrasound which came back normal..now i am stuck and dont know what to do.so if anyone has any suggestions as to what i do next please help...alo not sure if its important but i sweat alot, even when i am cold...thanks again

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  • i am the one who started this tread but i forgot a few thing...i am constantly weak and tired, but i have a really hard time falling asleep...thats all for now...thanks
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  • hi, I have very similar symptoms and can't get a diagnosis either. Got the same fibromyalgia crap, too :( One thing you might wanna check out is lyme's disease, which, while turned up negative for me, was what most of the doctors I went to thought I had.
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  • Fibromyalgia is closely associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Google information on CFS. Alot of research is being done on the connection between vaccines and CFS. MC
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  • yeah i had a few tell me that was a possibilty, but standard blood test came up negative..but i have heard that alot of times you can get a false negative
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