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  • Posted By: SethRu
  • July 26, 2013
  • 07:51 PM

I am a seventeen year old, Caucasian male who has been experiencing a wide array of symptoms for two years without any resolution or cure.

My symptoms are:
-Severe migraines that last for months, up to 8 months
-Lower back pain to the left and right side, piercing then throbbing
-Abnormal skin blistering on hands
-Severe Nausea
-Urinary retention (up to 2 liters)
-Sever abdominal pains
-Cloudy Urine
-Black vision/extreme dizziness when sitting or laying down to standing up for any length of time (resulting in falls)
-Peptic Ulcers (severe/multiple sometimes resulting in perforations) in both stomach and small intestines
-Pain behind eyes
-Tingling in hands and feets
-Body tics
-Moderate to severe shaking, especially noticed in hands
-Hemorrhoids that last for months, external and internal
-Bleeding due to hemorrhoids
-Moderate to severe constipation
-Rapid heart rate for extended periods of time
-Lose breath rather easily
-Short and long term memory loss
-Difficulty concentrating
-Heart Burn
-Acid Reflux
-Co-enzyme Q10 deficiencies
-Vitamin B12 deficiencies

Tests that have been done:
-MRI (lost count)
-CT scan (lost count)
-X Rays (lost count)
-Stomach emptying studies
-Radioactive tracer in blood to detect blood flow in gastronomical organs
-Varying blood work, cant remember how many or what kind, but ill know if ive had it done if asked a certain type
-Urine studies

Diagnosis proven false(may be incorrect):
-Cannot remember many others, that is why i am posting this thread

-Just ask and i will let you know if ive taken it, they said my medication history is twice as long as someone 5 times my age
-Pain medications ranging from advil, loratab, oxy, morphine, tylenol, etc

Drug and Alcohol History:
-Occasional cigarette, like once ever 4 or 5 months
-Occasional Marijuana use, helps relieve major symptoms, but not used more than once every 4 or 5 months
-Occasional Alcohol use, not more than a drink every 4 or 5 months
-Occasional tobacco use, once every 2 or 3 months
-Understand that i am a teenager and i have made mistakes, but no addictions or misuse, i understand that given my medical issues i shouldnt

Sexual Activity:
-Tested for STDs, all came up negative, i donate blood every chance i get
-Not sexually active anymore, last time being 3 weeks ago, before that, 6 months

Blood info:
-Type A+
-Triple platelet donor (not entirely sure what that means)

Family medical history:
-Most relatives died from alcohol abuse and drug abuse, didnt live very long for problems to arise, none of them regularly went to the doctors or had full work ups

The doctors have appeared to given up on finding out the root of my symptoms, rather treating them, managing my migraines and ulcers, other than that they seem to have given up. I am posting here because i fear that it is a developing medical issue stemming from maybe one or more serious problems and am searching for answers. It is understandable that, that given my medical symptoms, it is hard to find one singular issue and i understand that it may be more, but i am hoping you guys can help me out.

It is the most frustrating thing that i have ever had to deal with. I feel myself getting worse and there are no answers. A lot of my symptoms are similar for a variety of issues, making it hard to test every single one or find the root cause. There is talk about me having an abdominal exploratory surgery, and i would like for that to be avoided. If you have any questions or answers, please reply and i will do my best to respond and answer anything or converse on any ideas.

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  • As I understand it, Vitamin B12 deficiency is always an indicator of pernicious anaemia.
    My wife has it, along with her father. After suffering myriad symptoms throughout her life, mainly such things as fatigue and various GI pains, she was never checked for it as her GP Iinsisted she was too young, despite it running in the family. Furthermore, her GP told her that it was impossible for her to have pernicious anaemia as she's female! A quarterly injection now has her condition under control.
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