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Many Symptoms, Many exams, no diagnosis :(

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  • Posted By: herman
  • April 19, 2007
  • 07:48 PM

Hi guys I'm 21 years old male.
Ok, I'm gonna be short and clear. I did the following exams: TSH, T4, Urine, Complete Blood Work (Red Cell count, White Cell count including the immunologic system), Glucoses (to exclude diabetes), Cholesterol, Vitamins levels (all vitamins), EKG, ultrasound of the heart, colonoscopy, and it all came back NORMAL, no abnormality at all, except for the EKG that revealed that I was having sinus tachycardia at the time I took it.

Let me separate the symptoms (in which I'm feeling been a year now)..

Urology: Strong smell in the urine, frequent or irregular urination, water takes 20 minutes or less to process. Red marks on the penis appeared out of the blue, and it got bigger progressively (No itching, no nothing), I've shown to a dermatologist and 3 other doctors and they don't know what to tell me.

Dermatology: Hair loss (From everywhere in my body, I can just pull a hair piece out of my leg as easily as out of the top of my head, and for that I'm getting thinning on the top), when I shower I loose a lot of hair.

Cardiology: Hypertension (one day it got to 170mmHg / 100mmHg), Sinus Tachycardia (From times to times), Palpitations (I can feel my heart beating).

Overall: Restless sleep, trouble sleeping (keep waking up all night long and dream all the time), panic attacks (been more than 2 months that I dont have it, I'm learning to manage it), IBS

Taking the following medications: Atenolol (to control the tachycardia), Clonazepam (to sleep better).

I don't take ANY drugs at all, besides those remedies.

I'm suspecting it's some hormonal disfunction like hypopituitarism, or other kind of hormone, but since TSH or T4 are normals I really don't know, could it be the other parts of the endocrine system?
My immunologic system seems to be fine, I have very good resistence.
Anyone have any idea? I know this isn't normal, I didn't use to be like this, my head can't generate this many symptoms...

Thanks for help.

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