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Many symptoms but no answers? What should I ask for?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 22, 2014
  • 10:54 PM

Hello all,

I've been battling some severe symptoms for the past several years and they have recently exploded, making it unbearable. My doctor keeps telling me it's one thing or something else, instead of looking at all of the symptoms as a whole, and I want to be able to discuss with her possible tests to run.

Here is a list of my symptoms: Extremely bloating, meaning that if I wear a size 18 pants (I normally wear 14), I will bloat until they are uncomfortable, and it becomes painful for the fabric to touch my stomach. The doctor told me that she believed it was IBS, and I took probiotics with negative effects, even with gluten-free with no effect. I can drink water, eat food, not eat, and I'll still bloat.

2nd, is extreme fatigue (no joke). I struggle to get up in the morning and stay up; so far the doctor had to give me adderall to keep it awake during the day (taking 20MG x2 a day). This is the biggest complaint that I have; I have absolutely no energy to do anything. And just for the record, exercise makes it a lot worse.

3rd, I get headaches every day around the same time (maybe cluster headaches?) and they usually last until I go to bed that night.

4th, Despite staying the same weight, my stomach (when on occasion doesn't bloat) has gone from a 40 in waist to a 44 in waist. I have gained weight and it's all in my stomach.

5th, can't lose weight. Even if I eat 1200-1500 calories (which my BMR is about 1540), I do not lose anything, no matter how long I maintain this for.

6th, a brain fog. Even with the adderall, I am just "here." No other way to describe it except feeling like a zombie.

7th, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which has been under control for a year and a half, and am still testing in "normal" standards.

8th, low sex drive, it takes a lot for me to get going.

9th, irritability, I'm less willing to deal with people on a daily basis. I was diagnoised with depression towards the beginning of last year, but believe I have made the neccessary changes in my life to combat it, and the doctor and I both agreed, that I no longer need it.

I'm honestly thinking there is something going on internally with myself (ie adrenal gland). What tests would you recommend to have the doctor test me for?

Note: These symptoms are SEVERE. Have been reoccuring for MONTHS/YEARS, and no doctor has been able to successfully identify the issues. Also, cost is NOT an issue. I do not care if I have to pay 10K in tests, as long as they find out and I can get back to my old self.

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  • Dear Poster, You have classic symptoms of parasitic infestation. This is extremely important that you clean and detox your 1.liver, 2. gut, 3. stop consuming wheat, diary and completely cut sugar food for at least 60 days.
    All of your symptoms will be gone. Doctors know very little about parasits and most of the test show negative. Dr. will only prescribe pills to treat symptoms, but NOT the root of the problem.
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  • I feel your pain after three years I have no diagnosis I for all my random inflammatory symptoms including very low blood counts. I discovered the immune system has inflammatory proteins/hormones called cytokines. I demanded the doctors test me for cytokine imbalances and bingo! They are out of whack and at the root cause of all my bizarre symptoms. Doctors are mystified. In the end my immune hormones are out of balance. That's all. Wow.
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