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Many symptoms, are they the same thing or different? Help Please!

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  • Posted By: johnivey24
  • November 30, 2009
  • 10:05 AM

I'll try to make this as short as possible. For about 10 months I had flank and abdominal pain. It took doctors tests and tests and tests to finally find that I had a UPJ Obstruction. Recently I've had 2 surgeries to fix this. The first was for the discovery of the obstruction and insertion of a stent. The 2nd surgery was to laser off the part of my ureter that was too small and blocking my urine from passing out of my kidney - they also replaced the stent.

Okay, that's one thing. Lately, though (in the past month), I have realized that I have a foot drop in my left foot. I can't walk on my left ankle, I can't bend my left big toe up, the top of my foot is numb and very slightly painful.

Also, I have a history of sleep problems, but lately (in the past month) I sleep literally 2-3 hours at a time. I have to take medication to sleep. Whether I take Ambien, Klonopin, or Xanax to make me sleep, no matter what, I wake up in 2-3 hours. Then I have to take another dose of medicine, wait 20 minutes and hopefully fall back asleep for another 2-3 hours.

Next, in the past 4-5 days, I have noticed that when I do wake up from my 2-3 hours of sleep, both of my legs hurt extremely bad. The pain lasts for approximately 2 minutes and then it is gone.

Also, I do have slight chest pain from time to time, but I mean very slight. It happens maybe once a month and it just feels like a sharp pain through the left side of my chest. Sometimes I can also actually FEEL my heart beating (If that makes any sense).

I have googled and googled until my fingers are sore, but I can't find any correlation or anything that gives me any information regarding my condition(s).

If anyone has any experience or any ideas/knowledge/suggestions, please share them with me.

I plan on going to the doctor very soon (probably in 2 weeks after I have my next surgery to take this stent out of my Kidney), but I'd love to hear any information that any of you may have before then. Please help and/or advise if you can!

Thank you so much in advance!

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