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Lymph Nodes enlarged Head pressure

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  • Posted By: NetGeek
  • December 13, 2006
  • 01:14 AM

Hello all,

I am a new user here and am looking for some help. I have had swollen Lympth nodes, and various other issues. Below is a list of some of these symptoms. About four months ago I started to get this pressure in my head so I seen my ENT and they did blood work and CT scans all of which came back as normal. Then about two months after this had shown up I started to get glands in my neck that were enlarged and painful..I didn't think much of it as I had a Parotid and Submandibular Salivary Gland removed by the same ENT that I seen for these other problems and thought it was related. Now I have glands throughout my body that are painful and swollen. I have been a a variety of meds including medication for a chronic back problem. These include Pennicillin V for 7 days due to an infected tooth, then Pennicillin V again for three weeks for the head pressue, Singualar then followed as well as anti virals all perscribed by my ENT. This same DR. did several CT scans and an MRI all of which came back normal. Now I am seeing an internist and he has done blood work twice now which has come back as, surprise...surprise, normal. He aslo put me on Augmentin which has done nothing.. It seems like it is getting worse and not better. Now I have the pressure in my head, swollen lymph nodes throughout my body which are painful and now feel like they are on fire, sinus pressure accross the cheeks, a low grade fever that never gets over 100 degrees, muscle weakness in my arms which I think is associated with the Lymph Nodes, I also have a few teeth that need to be pulled as I have one that is eating itself from the inside out. You would think that if this was some systemic type of infection that I would have responded to the antibiotics. I feel really bad and can't get an answers from any of the doctors, they all say that they are confused. The internist has mentioned in passing that he thinks its Dercum's Disease, but I have looked it up and it is a very rare condition that usually affects post meno-pauseal women, and is rarely seen in men well I am a man, besides the fact that this disease is fatty tumors and not Lymph nodes. Anyone have any clues??

Thank you,
Oregon, USA

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  • Hi Clinton,I would be very concerned if I were you. I spent hours doing reasearch bc I too have swollen inguinal lymph nodes and have been feeling weakness accompanied by a chancre like sore in my bikini line. It is not an STD but I do have to get it checked out. Anyways, back to your issue. ALL of the symptoms you mentioned make me concerned that you may have undiagnosed lymphoma. There are 2 types and you can look them up on here. Don't freak out, just go to a different doctor, let him know your history and that you are concerned and want to make sure it is not lymphoma. Emphasize that you are still in pain and do not forget to list all of your symptoms: Headaches, fatigue, weakness, low grade fevers, and so on. PLEASE see a new MD (one that is not an ENT). Tell him/her you have been to an ENT and tried all different antibiotics but the pain is not gone and you still feel these symptoms. This should warrant them for further concern and will lead to further diagnostic testing which may find you some answers. Do NOT overlook this. The loose tooth you have....is it infected? if so, this may be a systemic infection but like you said, if it was, the antibiotics would have worked. However, the infection may still be reoccurring because the loose tooth eating itself out is still there. I'm not making any guarantees but if it was me, I'd definitely go to an MD, not an ENT. Hope you feel better and hope this helps.
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  • Clinton,I share Nisha22's concerns re: possible lymphoma. You definitely should see your Primary Care Physician and have this checked out.Also, it's not unusual at all for dental infections to become systemic. Even though you've been on antibiotics if you have, in fact, developed a systemic infection, oral antibiotics aren't generally that effective. IV (intravenous) antibiotics are most often a better choice. When your doc is evaluating you re: possible lymphoma you should ask him to include a blood culture in the labs he orders.Be well!! John
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  • Did you ever find out what was going on?
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