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Lung Tightness

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  • Posted By: jubalee
  • June 5, 2007
  • 10:44 PM

Hello, I'd appreciate any kind of suggestions for pursuing diagnosis of these symptoms.

57 year old female, diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 26 years ago and still living with this illness. Severe migraines started when CFS first began, treating now with triptans. Intermittent asthma.

In March began having severe lung tightness - similar feeling to pleurisy but without the pain or fever. Saw a local health care provider who didn't hear wheezing but said lungs sounded 'distant'. Given cortisone shot for seasonal allergies and Azmacort inhaler. After a few weeks, no improvement, lungs still felt tight - always around lower part of lungs and then at times it involved whole of lungs and breath was short, voice was affected.

Saw primary care physician, patient with this doctor for almost 20 years. He sent for chest x-ray, pulmonary function test, and ekg, all tests within 'normal' range, then sent to Cardiologist. He didn't see or hear anything unusual - echocardiogram two years prior had been 'normal' range as well. He wanted to do cardiac stress, but with the severe migraines and meds required this could not be done. Waiting for new equipment to arrive to have coronary ct-angiogram.

Cardiologist suggested that the tightness might be due to muscular problems inherent with CFS and Fibromyalgia.

I can't seem to find anything for just feeling of lung tightness, it isn't truly 'chest pain' - can anyone suggest other paths to explore?


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  • I was diagnosed officially yesterday after visit to Neurologist, with CFS. I understand many patients with this experience frequent and reoccuring bronchial infections. Are you coughing anything up?if so, what color?no fever?air hunger, difficulty getting a full breath?deep or shallow breathing?have you ever had Bronchitis?Is it truly asthma or CFS related respiratory symptoms?were you diagnosed with the asthma first, then CFSor both together?
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  • Sorry you have joined the dubious 'club' of CFS.No, I am not coughing, and having no respiratory symptoms. The pulmonary function test was difficult, because I was very tight that day and couldn't expand my lungs very much, but I tested 'normal' for the airway.As to fever, like most of us with CFS I run way below 98.6 most of the time. I have had intermittent low grade fevers, but then I've had those for all the the 26 years I've had CFS. My doctor, who is very knowledgeable about CFS, did give me some antibiotics to see if they would help, they didn't.I had asthma as a child, and began experiencing it again a few years ago, but this is not asthma or bronchitis or any other kind of respiratory problem. As to shortness of breath, yes, when the tightness gets to the point of involving the whole lung.More and more I'm of the opinion that it is as the cardiologist suggested, that it is muscular/skeletal symptoms generated by CFS/Fibromyalgia, but I'm also open to hearing from anyone else who might have experienced something similar.Thanks for your reply, I hope you'll find some help for your CFS. What is known about it today is so much more than when many of us became ill with it in the 1980s and the research is very promising.
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