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Lung related or something else??

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  • Posted By: Janster
  • August 3, 2007
  • 04:26 PM

I'm a 39 year old female with low blood pressure, don't smoke, 5'6" 145lbs, and don't have any major health issues. I have a history of allergies and I've been treated for asthma related symptoms in the past (exposure to cats for 3 weeks and I couldn't breathe). I've also been treated for hives/throat tightness due to the dies they inject in you for MRI's....

But anyway... The scenario: When this first started on July 5th - I was experiencing chest tightness and a feeling of 'anxiety' (although I have no real reason to have anxiety). I was going to make a doctors appointment but they recommended I go to the ER. Within the ER - they did EKG, Xrays, blood work... and found nothing out of the ordinary and are blaming it on some sort of lung related/asthma issue. Gave me Xanax and inhaler.
The Xanax relaxes me but that 'anxiety' feeling is still *in the background*. The emergency inhaler doesn't do much.....

I make a follow up appointment with my nurse practitioner. I get a pulmonary test done - and they discover nothing unusual. I don't have asthma. There were some minor irregularities but nothing they can pinpoint. I get blood work done - which turns up normal.

They give me Advair.... 250/50 for 2 weeks worth - taken twice a day. Which - within 2 days the chest tightness is virtually gone but things still aren't 'normal'. The anxiety kind of feeling is still there and I still get some chest tightness paticularly while in the humidity and being phsically active. I've been taking the Advair for about a week now -and sometimes after I take it, my lungs get a more intense anxiety feeling. So ...I'm gonna start taking it only once a day and see what happens.

Things just haven't been 'normal' since July 5th..... and I have no idea what's going on. I've looked around and I realize it could be a gazillion different things which makes it even harder to diagnose I'm sure.

Here's probably a really good example and/or worst case scenario....
I work in a factory and have a physically active job and have been doing the same job for 13 years - It's not uncommon that I literally walk, step up/down platforms, & climb stairs all day long (minus breaks & lunch).
The weather here has been hot and humid and the humidity is playing a big part in my lung issues.... One day at work - I'm very busy and running around like I normally do when I get 'busy' - but this time, I could feel my lungs getting 'stressed' and my heart started beating irregularly (big thumps, palpitations, etc). It really worried me...and my immediate thing to do was to tell myself to SLOW DOWN (I'm a high strung kinda person and its not uncommon for me to get hyper and move around a lot - that's always been ME).

I talked to the nurse practitioner (who's been talking with doctors about my sitatuion) and told her the Advair has been helping. She wants me to make an appointment in 3 months to follow up. If I need more Advair - I can simply ask for a refill. Honestly...I don't know if I can wait that long to make another appointment especially if things aren't back to normal.
Sure - I can deal with takign the Advair on a regular basis, but things still aren't back to normal which makes me WANT to get more help with this.

Is there anything I can do to research this and or give them clues to what this could be? What should be my next move ? Should I request to see a pulmonary specialist? Or is there other underlying things that nobody has considered?

Any thoughts or suggestions? If not.....no problem. I understand these kinda things aren't easy to diagnose. However - THANKYOU for the fact that I was able to VENT for a few minutes anyway...

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  • Well...... I started using the Advair only once a day - and I'm not sure if this was a reason for the sudden improvement or not.... the 'anxiety' feeling I was having has lifted (for now anyway) and I feel somewhat back to normal. Although....I suddenly developed a nasty head cold and sore throat now - which is very uncommon for me. I normally stay free of colds & sore throats. So - I'm pumping myself with vitamen C's and Nyquil before I go to bed to help me fight this (and sleep better - I don't sleep well on this shift I'm working). I honestly don't know what the heck was or still is wrong with me. I'll continue to take the Advair once a day until my prescription is out (7 left). At that point - I don't know if I should get another prescription and hold onto it until I feel the symptoms come back.... or simply take it daily.??? The docs don't want to see me for another 3 months. Is it possible to have a 'Cold' in the chest ? Or is my body just more subceptable to catching colds due to the ammune system is working on my lungs? I dunno what that was, but I hope it doesn't ever come back!!
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  • You should see a pulmonary specialist.What kind of factory do you work in?
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  • You should see a pulmonary specialist.What kind of factory do you work in? I work in a bindery that produces magazines. I've been doing the same job and working the same department for 13 years. Now that the lung issues are gone - how will they even be able to predict anything unless it flares up again?
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  • I can't say the lung issues are totally gone..... still fighting this nasty cold. If it's hot and humid and I'm busy at work (running around like I normally do) - I start feeling the tightness come back but usually goes away if I slow down and relax (cooler environment). The other day, my throat was feeling slightly restricted also - used my rescure inhaler for that. Only 4 more treatments of Advair left (taking once per day now). :confused:
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  • Please read my previous post to Vampire Girl.Basically, the answer is NAET.naet.comI could go on for weeks telling you how all of these relate to me and to NAET.Go and check "Say Goodbye to Illness" preview at Amazon.Also check out "Never Be Sick Again", by Ray Francis.Frui.
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  • I asked what kind of factory because there are alot of occupational hazards relating to your lungs with factory workers. Research your symptoms on the American Lung Association website and try to see a Pulminologist. If something is there it will show even when you don't have symptoms. Some lung deseases are very often misdiagnosed several times before a final diagnosis is made.Elaine
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    • August 16, 2007
    • 04:24 AM
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