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Lumps on head, neck, and ear area

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  • Posted By: dave88
  • June 4, 2008
  • 08:46 AM


About a month ago I started getting these lumps.

*A golf ball sized lump at the the back of my head right in the
middle between the back of my head to my right ear.
*A pea sized lump on my right ear behind my ear lobe.
*Three lumps on the right of the neck (two closer together and one
and inch below the two lumps). At first it was a size of a pea then got
swollen to a size of marbles and currently, it is getting smaller.
*One big lump on the right side of my neck where it meets my clavicle

These all seem to connect like a line, probably my lymph nodes.
The first time I noticed them, they didn't hurt, they are not fixed,
they can move around.
After a few days, they started swelling (every lump).
It hurt and was uncomfortable, even my neck muscles hurt when I
turned my head or touched them.

I am not sure if I have some sort of tuberculosis.
I remember having a huge huge steak feast that was undercooked
before I noticed the lumps.

Currently, my lumps got smaller and don't even hurt when I touch
them but the one on my head is still big and hurts a bit to the touch.

I do not have mono, I don't feel any symptoms from these lumps.

I'm just wondering what this may be / what causes this / is it a
serious problem?

I'm still waiting to see if it will get any smaller and hope it will disappear.
If not, then I'll go to the doctor.

If you have any idea about this, please let me know, thank you very

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  • Sure sounds like lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes). Given that they were painful this suggests an acute infection of some sort. Don't know if the steak has anything to do with it!TB seems pretty unlikely - the nodes are hard/rubbery, and all begin to mesh together. Do you have a cough? Copious sweating at night (enough to have to change the sheets)? Have you travelled to Eastern Europe/Africa/Asia recently? If they are going down then I wouldn't worry too much. Have you had a chest infection/throat infection recently? If they haven't gone away in a week or so I'd consult a doctor.
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  • Nope. No coughs, no night sweats, haven't travelled anywhere for the a couple years. No chest infection.But I think I did have a slightly swollen tonsils in my throat (near theUvula/soft palate). Probably from drinking very cold water before I sleep or the cold air from the window open.
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  • No I doubt it, sounds like a throat infection. Drinking cold water wouldn't give you swollen tonsils. If you had a throat infection, that might explain your enlarged nodes. Seems a bit funny they still haven't gone down though.
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  • i see. But if I did have a throat infection, the lumps should go awaysooner. I don't have any problems with my throat right now and the lumps remain. I am 40% sure i got these lumps from undercooked meat. I remembervomiting at night after eating a large amount of undercooked steak.I've read that undercooked meat can cause these lumps becauseof the bacteria in it.
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  • weird. Today, I coughed and a little blood came out. Iremember coughing little blood like 4 days ago. I am sure the throat infection does relate to the lumps, butI never coughed blood or even thought of having a throatinfection like a month ago when my lumps appeared.
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  • Dave, I'm sorry but I think you need to go see a doctor. Coughing blood, (haemoptysis) is never a good thing. Whether it has anything to do with the steaky feast I don't know, but inflamed lymph nodes and coughing blood would definitely worry me. Hope you get it sorted soon.With best wishes
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  • Hi,Did you ever find out what this was? As I have the exact same thing. A lump in my head as well as one in my neck.Thanks!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 25, 2010
    • 02:52 PM
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  • Hi,I have a knot under my jaw its very pain full and I get them behind my ear and head they always hurt and they come and go there only gone for maybe a day or two but then there back. I get head aches from them and them and I get very tired any idea of what it could be?
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