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Lower Right Abdominal Pain/Swollen spleen and lymph nodes

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  • Posted By: ms2003
  • October 15, 2006
  • 00:03 AM

Hello Everyone,
I posted yesterday, but figured I would shorten it up a big because it was so long yesterday. Please comment if you have any suggestions at all, right now any answer is better then the zero answers doctors can provide

Lower Right Abdominal Pain. Lymph nodes swollen in that area, appendix appeared fine. 2 Ovarian cysts on right ovary , platelets high and spleen enlarged. This was what was wrong 4 months ago.

First Surgery lymph node removed sent for biopsy -- game back reactive. Was given meds for bacterial infection Cipro and Flagyl, plus pain meds, did not work

Second Surgery assisted by a gyno --ovarian cysts removed, plus appendix even though appeared fine. Report came back with acute appendicities, right ovary and cervix a bit larger then expected, but not uncommon or too large.

That was 2.5 months ago, recently had a ultrasound, spleen still enlarged, pocket of fluid in abdomen. Blood work indicates high platelets still. Pain always around except every second month gets completely unbareable when menstrual cycle starts. Gyno says not my ovary.

Please Help

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  • I am having something similar. Since Aug of 2006 after april 2006 ablation I have had lower right abdominal pain. They are now going in to do a scope to see what they might. I had a scope done in Aug 2006 thought it was an abcess but wouldnt drain. They will remove appendix if it looks bad but noone seems to know whats wrong they suspect endometriosis. I will let you know the outcome
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    • February 23, 2007
    • 05:38 AM
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  • Ironically, my daughter has the same/similar symptoms. SHe soon will be 19 and has had difficulties since she first started her period at the age of 10. She has been to different doctors, had numerous test, and even had exploratory surgery to check for endometriosis. Guess what? She is still experiencing difficulties. It is much worse during her monthly period. Her life stops for those few days. She is in so much pain, she cannot function. My daughter has never been one to show pain...when she tells me she is hurting than she is in lots of pain. Her pain runs down her left leg and she cannot even walk. We are once again going to a different doctor in March. She tired of being sick, and as a mom, I'm tired of them not finding out what the underlying cause is for her. There is no reason why a young girl should be experiencing such difficulties. I hope you find solutions too..Concerned Mom...
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    • January 23, 2008
    • 02:05 PM
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  • I have the same symptoms, at it's worst, the pain was so acute in my spleen and appendix I thought they were being ripped out of me. I had an endometrial ablation a year ago. I went for blood tests today and am having an ultrasound on 23rd. Appendix and gall bladder tested fine.
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  • My 21 year old daughter is having the same problems. Bouts of severe pain in right hand side of abdomen (around the appendix area). All tests clear. Just been released from hospital with no diagnosis and prescribed codine for the pain !! This was the second admission to hospital in 6 months but no-one seems to know what is causing the pain.
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  • If they did not find endometriosis when they removed the cysts in surgery, then you can be pretty sure that's not the problem. Although, talk with your doctor about it. They diagnose endometriosis doing surgery to look at your ovaries and other organs in that area. It sounds like they already did that.Look up Ehrlichia. It is a tick born illness (you dont have to be an avid hiker/outdoors man to be exposed). In many cases, it attacks the spleen causing infection and damage. It also causes swollen lymph nodes. Hang in there. I too am going through some similar issues. I actually have a doctors appointment tomorrow to find out if I have endometriosis. Last month I was in the hospital from the pain of my period. I hope you find out what is wrong soon. No one deserves to live with monthly pain like that. Best wishes.
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  • Did they ever do a bone marrow biopsy? For my enlarged spleen, that was one of the first things they did. They didn't find much but did see some activity that shouldn't have been there. I'm on a watch and see program now.
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