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Lower Leg Pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 28, 2007
  • 10:08 PM

I've been having lower leg pain on my left side for the past several years. Here are the details:

I'm 29, Male, approx 300 lbs

I have 3 bulging discs in the lumbar region of my lower disc. Pain for that started back in 2000. Seen plenty of doctors about that. It's slowly getting worse. Docs don't know what caused it. However, docs want me to lose weight before they consider any kind of surgical procedure. Completely understandable and I'm working on it.

Back in 2002ish, while jogging a lap during practice for a town football league I was in, I noticed a lot of pain in my left leg. I began thinking back and realized that this had been going on for at least a year or two, but I just thought of it a pain due to me being out of shape. I assumed before that it was both legs, but it was not. After football was over, I started playing that Dance Dance Revolution game to get in some cardio. At first I was fine, but after about a month or two, after about 45 minutes of playing, I started getting pain in the calf muscle on the left leg that would go away after I sat down. Soon, it was after a 1/2 hour... then 15 minutes... now I can't do more then 5 minutes before it hurts and the pain has gotten worse (feels like my entire leg is being torn in half. Nowadays, walking long distances, up stairs, etc, involves at least slight pain, if not tremendous pain. Usually during the day, I deal with the discomfort of feeling a kind of pressure in my leg which sometimes feels like it's throbbing. There is a noticeable difference in calf size between my left calf and right calf (left calf is a couple of centimeters bigger)... no signs of edema though.

So, off to the doc. Found no broken bones or tears. I ask about Compartment Syndrome after reading up on it. Doc says that it only happens to people who have have severe trauma. I raise an eyebrow at that as I could have sworn that I read that I read that there were a few different kinds and not all of them have to be inflicted by trauma.

Doc referred me to a Vascular surgeon who checked for blood clots and popiliteal entrapment syndrome. Both came out negative. Gave me an angiogram to check me from the inside and and everything was clean.

Doc then refers me to a Neurosurgeon, thinking that I have sciatica related to my leg pain. However, I don't have any thigh pain whatsoever. Neurosurgeon says that the sciatica could be fragmentary. Put me on anti-inflammatories. No luck. Sends me to physical therapy. No luck. Neurosurgeon refers me to Pain Management to have a cortisone shot in my back. After two shots, my back feels GREAT! Leg is still bad. I ask him now about Chronic Exertion Compartment Syndrome. He says that while it could be, it mostly likely won't be. According to him, that kind of Compartment Syndrome either gets better naturally or you're in the emergency room in severe pain. So, he puts me on this anti-nerve pain medication and more anti-inflammatories... the next step after this is to get another kind of cortisone shot that targets the nerve roots that lead to the calf and lower leg. If that doesn't work, then we'll probably do the test for Compartment Syndrome.

What do you guys think??? Anybody have these symptoms before? What else should I do/can I do?

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